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Unplanned travel vs Contiki

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When travelling there are many options and choices available; most travelers like to ask advice from travel agents or friends that have travelled. There is nothing wrong with asking advice from these people as they have experience in tings to avoid overseas and things you have to take the time to see. Although, people all have their own views of fun and everybody is different when it comes to the best type of travelling.

Here is a quick guide to the advantages and disadvantages based on your personality; of an unplanned trip versus going on a planned contiki trip.

Unplanned trip:

The unplanned trip is for the traveler that has perhaps travelled plenty of times before and wants to experience something unique. There is something about travelling in another country that brings out our naughty adventurous side. If you really want to explore another culture and hang out with the locals then this travelling is fantastic for you. Sometimes, you may be lucky to get special offers by walking in to the attraction on the day of the show/game. For example, a London show may have one or two open seats and give them to you at a discounted rate on the day. This can also apply to football games and even hotels.

For some people, not knowing where you are going to be sleeping the next day can cause an anxiety attack. You also may not see all the normal tourist attractions as a planned trip allows you to plan your time well, so that every minute of your day is taken up by some sort of sightseeing. If you want to see big attractions, you will have to wait in long queues, if you can rather book online a few months in advance. This way can work out to be cheaper, although you are not guaranteed to have good accommodation.

Contiki Trip:

This sort of travelling is great for a young person either traveling with friends or even by themselves. It is safer and they guarantee you will have an amazing time. From the early morning to evening they have planned your route, your countries, your bus passes, your food, your sightseeing and even the after parties with the new friends you will meet. Therefore, there is no stress what so ever! There is also a tour guide with every trip, this is extremely helpful if you do not speak the language and if you actually want to know more about what you are looking at. For example, seeing an old church may not mean as much if you do not have the background knowledge of it. It makes your travelling experience more meaningful. You will meet very fun people along the way and get the contiki trip company will often try and get the best rates for you to stay and eat.

Contiki trips limit you to what has been planned, although you do have a few hours in the day to go explore. You will perhaps loose the independence and challenge of what traveling is all about. You might get irritated with the same people on the bus for 10 to 21 days and find that you are actually observing more than you are experiencing.

Nicole de Freitas loves travelling and is an expert on student hotels in Europe!

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