Nov 19

Unique Ways to Kill Time at the Airport

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We’ve all been there — facing a long layover with seemingly little or nothing to do between flights. While some airports are getting better at providing free Wi-Fi to travellers in order to while away the hours, not all airports are on board. And some still don’t even offer an available source of electrical outlets to charge your electronic devices. With some creativity and a little advance planning before hand though, your time at the airport doesn’t have to be a complete waste. Check out these unique time wasters the next time you find yourself wanting to kill some time at the airport.

Get a Culture Fix

The Lone Ranger and Silver

A visit to a museum is not top of mind for most travellers when they’re looking for activities at the airport, but a growing number of airport authorities sense the opportunity and are seizing it. The San Francisco Airport Authority is a prime example. It offers rotating exhibits scattered throughout the airport both in pre- and post-security screening areas. A popular current exhibition is dedicated to music posters from the 1960s and 70s, when “Flower Power” was at its height in the Haight Ashbury region of San Francisco. Popular past exhibits have included 100 Years of Board Games, Robot Portraits, and the Golden Age of Television.

Take a Gamble

Las Vegas airport casino

Playing a round of roulette or spending some time (and money) at a slot machine is another unique way to kill some time at the airport. Some airports are cashing in a  captive audience starved for entertainment by offering gambling facilities. If the airport has wifi, I would be more inclined towards an online casinos for real money to kill my time.  Munich, Amsterdam, and Seoul are a few cities with stellar airport casinos offering travellers the opportunity to play baccarat, roulette, blackjack, tai sai, keno as well as a host of other games including standard slot machines. Don’t worry, if the airport you currently find yourself in doesn’t have casino facilities, you can always connect to Wi-Fi and play at an online gambling site.

Amuse Yourself

Freizeitpark flugplatz sitterdorf thurgau gelaende300x0

Setting itself up as an example to be emulated by airports around the world, the airport in the small Swiss town of Sitterdorf is a destination in a class all its own. It offers an amusement park, petting zoo, and a mini go-cart racing circuit aiming to put a smile on any weary traveller’s face. Not content to rest on its laurels, the airport now even offers travellers hot air balloon rides as well as the chance to take in a parachute jump. Now that’s an airport!

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