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Travelling to Bangkok – Accommodation and Other Necessities

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When it comes to your choice of Hotel, Bangkok has thousands of hotels you can choose of. All Price ranges are available from extremely cheap 10$ a night up to whatever you can pay in one of the best hotels of the World at the Riverside of Bangkok. Price value is extremely high in Bangkok, due to extreme competition and generally low price level in Thailand. So spend some extra 10$ on top and you get a 5 Star Hotel (starting at around 50$ per night, depending on the season).

As there are many Hotels to choose of, there are 3 things you MUST take care off:

1. Location

2. Location

3. Location

Avoid being at the wrong place! Bangkok is a huge and chaotic city. If you’re hotel is a bargain but out of public transports network you will be caught in your Place fully depending on sometimes rude mostly non English speaking taxi drivers once you want to go out.

On top of some orientation issues with those drivers, there’s almost 24h traffic jam on some main routes in Bangkok. I might be a little unfair with local taxi drivers but as expat I try to avoid taxis but prefer the fast, air-conditioned and hassle free Skytrain or metro system.

So there are basically two suitable locations for you as Bangkok visitor:

Inner City Bangkok, all price ranges available

You’re the type of traveler that wants to be in the action with easy access to Skytrain which connects most of Bangkok’s inner city.

Riverside Location

You prefer to travel on a higher Budget and want to be in a silent location of Bangkok but still in a fairly quick time of less than 5 minutes within the next Skytrain station. All the 5 star hotels offer free of charge boat service from Skytrain station Saphan Taksin to their Hotel.

How should I book to get the best deal?

Hopefully you’re now convinced that location is the most important thing in Bangkok accommodation. Let’s have a look on how to book:

Don’t bother booking through a travel agency as they usually don’t have better deals.

What to take with you?

I won’t tell you the usual stuff, on medicine, vaccination, and stuff that you should check and take with you in this article. You’re old enough to organize and prepare. Therefore I just tell you the specifics and tips that make your life easier in Bangkok!

–    Take you’re smartphone with you

–    Buy a local SIM Card in Bangkok

–    GPS based Google Maps will be an exciting way to navigate you around

In Bangkok, a local SIM Card can be bought extremely cheap within a minute in the arrival hall at the airport. “True” the telecommunication provider of Bangkok has a shop directly in the arrival Hall. Turn right after you walked out the immigration and walk around 100 meters or 30 feeds. It costs you around 200 baht (6$ / 5 Euro) and includes already around 100 minutes local calls or some MB of Data traffic. Recharge your phone extremely easy and can be done in one of the 3000(!) 7/11 convenience stores. Tell the sales guy you would like to recharge Mobile Phone, the operator you’re using (e.g. TRUE) and the value you would like to purchase. Enter your phone number at their terminal, press ok and within some seconds you receive a sms telling you of successful operation. You can also purchase your SIM card in 7/11 in case you missed to purchase one at the airport!

–    Take some local currency cash or approx. 50$ or Euros that you can exchange in the airport arrival Hall as a starter for Taxi or airport train (They don’t accept credit cards!)

–    Take your ATM Card for local cash with you

Forget the old times where people carried tons of cash with them. There are ATMS all over Bangkok. It is a stress free and safe way to organize your expenses without the need to exchange money. You will mostly need cash for your shopping experience, more expensive shops e.g. in luxury shopping malls obviously also accept credit cards. Don’t take lots of unneeded stuff with you.

It’s a tropical climate here, so no need for warm clothes and safe your luggage space for all the stuff you will buy in Bangkok to return home. It’s all cheap here and everything can be bought everywhere almost 24/7. If you are from the UK, don’t forget to take a look for an Expedia UK promo code, their discounts are usually very good, it would seem that they encourage travel from there to here.

When it comes to clothing: Light cotton, short trousers and optional flip flops as it is HOT in this tropical location.

Leave your “everything has to be perfect as in my country” mentality at home!

Enjoy the difference and jump open minded into a new adventure! Not everything will run as smooth as expected, but hey: That’s part of your Asia Experience!

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