How to Eat for Free Overseas

Some people just like to do everything as cheap as possible to prove a point or to show that they can, though some people do it as to try and conserve resources such as Freegans. So I’ll be listing here the ways that you can get food for free or at a substantial discount.


Dumpster Diving: Dumpster Diving is illegal is some Countries so it’s always best to check what the laws are before you go rummaging around. A great website to do this is Trashwiki, a fantastic source of information on how and where to get the freshest free food.


France: If you know a little bit of french and don’t mind waking up early you can get some free bread from bakeries, though you’ll have to be up at around 5am as this is when they dispose of yesterdays bread.


Discounts: In most restaurants in Europe you can order something from the dinner menu at lunch for between 30-50% off.