Cheap Transportation

The Stingy Traveller’s Guide to Cheap Transportation

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No matter where you go or how you want to get there, there are always options for cheap transportation. Here are a few I’ve found in my travels:


The backbone of budget travel just about anywhere you go, cheap bus transportation is readily available in most countries. Here are some of my favourites:

Megabus: with service in Europe, the United States, and most recently Canada (well, Toronto at least) this discount bus company has a newer fleet, a funky website, and free wi-fi on board all its buses.

Stingy Travel Tip: Do a quick Google search for “Megabus promo code” before you book — sometimes you get lucky and can get a hefty discount.

Greyhound: The pioneer of bus service in Canada and the U.S., Greyhound also offers service in Australia, the UK, and even South Africa.

Stingy Travel Tip:  Travelling with a friend? Check out their companion fare to get the second ticket at half price. Book at least a week in advance to get the best fare.

Cruise Ship

Budget travellers don’t normally consider travel by cruise ship as a means of getting from point A to point B, but there are certainly deals to be had on Transatlantic and Repositioning cruises (and of course regular cruises as well.)

Stingy Travel Tip: Subscribe to the newsletters from cruise discounters. A couple that I’ve had some luck with in the past are the weekly newsletters from and If you are patient and are willing to scour through the weekly deals, you might just find the right last-minute cruise offer to suit you.


Virgin Trains: Sir Richard Branson’s discount train line is among the cheapest train travel in the UK.

Stingy Travel Tip: Virgin makes it clear that the earlier you book, the more you save. If you are going last-minute, and are flexible on dates, use their “Best Fare Finder” to pinpoint the cheapest tickets on offer.

Via Rail: Providing rail transportation across Canada, Via Rail has some great deals if you know where to look.

Stingy Travel Tip: If you’re flexible with your dates, look for a section called “Express Deals” on their website. This is where they provide discounts of up to 75% off to offload unsold seats and berths. For example — Edmonton to Toronto one-way can be found for $144 instead of the regular price of $432.


For information on finding the best cheap air options, head on over to the How to Find Cheap Flights section.