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Travel Tips from a Seasoned Backpacker

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Being savvy when it comes to backpacking only comes through extensive research and living out the many experiences you pre-plan so meticulously beforehand. With backpacking, every different country you visit presents a new challenge that you have to overcome to get the most out of the experience. The Internet has enabled us to research and prepare for what lies ahead and it goes without saying it’s the most useful resources to help us overcome the majority of problems faced when on foreign soil.

Obviously, the changing landscape of traveling broadens the horizons and helps us transform into much more-well rounded individuals hence why so many are drawn to backpacking and traveling the world yearly. This trend was explored by ITB World Travel Trends, who found that world travel saw an increase of 4-5% in 2013.

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So, for the newbie travelers who visit the website we have come up with a list of things to look out for on your way across the world to help save money along the way.

Bank those air miles

It’s not uncommon for backpackers to have an impromptu change of route or decide to take a short trip somewhere else mid-journey. It’s also beneficial that you use the same airline as you have booked your world trip with in order to bank those air miles. CNN recently published an interesting article on the best airlines for collecting air miles. The top ranking airlines on this list should definitely be considered when booking your world trip.

Check luggage costs

Always make sure you adhere to the weight restrictions of an airline regarding your luggage. Ideally you will be traveling with one airline but in circumstances where you are changing airlines, don’t get caught short and make sure you know what your allowance is.

Staying in hotels or hostels near to the airport can in fact save you money

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The frustrations of early morning flights can eat away at even the most prolific traveler, so staying at hostels or hotels close to airports will save you no end of money. And with money at the forefront of every backpackers mind, it’s essential this be taken in consideration.

It’s also worth noting that some hotels near airports have short-stay sleeping options – ideal for early morning flights. An example of this is Heathrow, which has the Japanese-themed YOTEL nearby where flyers can take quick naps at the hotel and then jump on its Hotel Hoppa Bus to the main terminals.

Download useful apps to help you along the way

Buying translation guides or maps should be a thing of the past in this day and age. Regardless of your limited Internet connectivity when abroad, most apps can be downloaded onto your phone and still be useful when on the go. Have a read of this article by The Indie Traveller to get up to speed with the best apps on market today.

Travel to airports via public transport

Plane at London Heathrow airport

It’s a major faux pas to use cabs in countries you are unfamiliar with and cost you significant amounts. Always take advantage of trains and buses if possible. Most major airports are connected to train lines. A perfect example of this is one of London’s flagship airports, Gatwick which is serviced by 12 train routes as per Parking4Less. However, this may not be the same in less fortunate countries so make sure you research travel arrangements before arrival at a particular airport.

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