Jul 30

Travel Safe in Thailand

by in Asia

Are you planning on travelling in Thailand? Travelling in groups is the recommended way to travel; not only is it safer to travel in numbers but you can also share the experience with someone.

However, in some cases travelling in a group can make people act differently and relent to peer pressure. You really don’t want a ‘The Hangover Part II’ experience! If you haven’t seen the film, basically a group of friends go on Holidays to Thailand for Stu’s wedding. What was supposed to be a quiet pre-wedding brunch turns into a night where no-one remembers what happened. The following day Stu has a face tattoo and Alan has a shaven head….  They also have a severed finger but there is no sign of Teddy instead there is a chain smoking Monkey!

To protect yourself from harm when travelling there is a number of precautions you can take to ensure that you enjoy yourself without getting into trouble.  Most of these are common sense.

  • Always try to stay with a friend, don’t go off alone.
  • Make sure you have the details of where you are staying with you at all times, so if you do get separated you can get back to your accommodation and regroup.
  • If you are planning on going somewhere, make sure you have informed others in the group.
  • Take enough medication with you for the duration of your trip; if you are on regular medication, take a doctors letter to confirm that you are on this medication, it will help you if you need to get more. Inform your group if you have a medical condition which may require medical attention, they can then relay this to the doctors if required.
  • Take a travel first aid kit with you.
  • Have any recommended travel vaccinations before you leave.
  • Drink only bottled water and avoid foods which may have been washed in tap water e.g. salads.
  • If you are drinking alcohol, know you limits! Drinking too much can only lead to you not remembering and potentially have life changing consequences (like have a Mike Tyson Tattoo on your face!)
  • Don’t risk taking any drugs. Not only do you have the health risks; but if you are caught with drugs there will be harsh penalties to pay!
  • In the evenings stick to the busy tourist areas, don’t venture into unknown areas.
  • Keep your valuables in locked safe, most hotels will have in-room safes or have a safe behind reception which you could use. When out and about, keep your valuables hidden – don’t draw attention to these e.g. don’t hang that digital SLR round your neck!
  • If you want to experience Tuk-Tuk’s then do. However, be cautious; use a Tuk-Tuk in dry weather, for short journeys and on quiet roads.

By following some simple rules while in Thailand, you will have fun, stay safe and make sure that you remember your holiday for all the right reasons!

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