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How to Travel on a Budget in 2018

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Most of us make a resolution at the start of every new year that we’ll travel more, but it seems like these goals don’t always become a reality. Sometimes it’s because of logistical constraints, like work and family, but more often than not we don’t take advantage of travel opportunities because it can be extremely expensive.

By the time you factor in the cost of flights, lodging, meals, and transportation, your budget might be blown before you ever even leave home.

It’s intimidating to think about spending so much on travel, so how can you save money while still living up to your goal for the new year?

Rent an RV

One of the biggest travel trends right now is RVing, but you’re probably not going to go out and buy a vehicle just for traveling.

Luckily, you can rent an RV from owners and pay by the night in most cases. There are quite a few reasons RVing isn’t just an enjoyable travel experience, but also one that’s budget-friendly.

First, you don’t have to worry about the cost of flights if you’re driving to your destinations, and you also don’t have to rent a hotel or lodging accommodations.

What’s also great about traveling by RV is the fact that you can prepare your own meals if you have a kitchen, saving on the costs of eating out, and if you have some friends who’d like to join you, you can share the RV and split the costs of travel.

Stay in the U.S.

There are great opportunities when you travel outside of the country, but the same holds true for domestic travel as well.

There are hidden gems throughout the United States from urban areas to rural hideaways, so if you’re just getting started on making your travel dreams a reality, you might not have to go as far as you think to see pretty amazing things.

Just as an example of what you can do if you stay in the U.S. and also if you want to RV or drive to your destination are the many National Parks throughout the country.

You can see some of the most awe-inspiring scenery in the world, and you don’t even have to fly or book a hotel to get to these parks.

Find Free Activities

Whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally, there are so many things you can do for free, including visiting museums, cultural attractions and taking walking tours.

Just as an example, many museums across the world have certain days of the week where admission is free, so do your research, and you can have a rich, cultural experience without a high price tag.

Finally, as a general rule of thumb wherever you’re traveling in 2018, try to avoid tourist hotspots.

Whether you’re in the U.S. or traveling internationally, if you only stick to the tourist areas you’re not only missing out on seeing the real authentic sights and sounds of the area, but you’re also going to pay more.

Go outside of tourist areas and you’ll find unique things such as markets and smaller, more under-the-radar restaurants and other places where you can save money and get a true feel for how people live wherever you are.

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