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If you’d like to get an idea of what type of travel blogs there are out there — and there are plenty — here’s a good starter. I try to keep this travel blog directory up-to-date as much as possible. And while not all of these travel blogs specialize in budget travel or backpacking, there are all filled with great travel information.

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Stingy Traveller’s Travel Blog Directory

Stingy Traveller Travel Blog Directory

Budget Travel Guide: Save your money and see the world with city guides that provide free and almost-free activities for travellers.

Don’t Stop Living: Since leaving Northern Ireland over a decade ago, Jonny Blair has managed to travel, work and live around the world, visiting all 7 continents and over 70 countries in the process.

Indie Travels: Make your own road with these guides and tips for independent travellers.

Indie Trips: A travel site that focuses on independent trip advice for independent travellers.

Man On The Lam: A cubicle-escapee with an addiction to oddities, Raymond writes about quirky getaways, offbeat attractions, and unique adventures.

Martha Stewardess: Join sassy-mouthed Martha – flight attendant to the stars – as she makes her way around the globe. This is Living at 34,000 feet.

Romancing The Planet: An Indian passport holder completes his MBA and starts traveling around the world sharing interesting stories and photographs.

Travel Escapism:  Escape the everyday, any day with this travel site focused on weekend getaways.

Travel Globe: Your destination for info on budget and adventure travel.

travelWIRED:  Visit travelWIRED for travel technology tips and destination guides to keep you connected on the road.


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