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Top Things To Do in Gdansk, Poland

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Gdansk, in Poland, sits on the Baltic Sea and is the capital of the Pomerania region of the country. Whilst Poland doesn’t immediately leap out as the trendiest summer vacation spot, Gdansk is popular so holiday insurance is a must. Culturally it’s very important and has a rich history, primarily being one of the invaded cities that led to the explosion of the Second World War and many of the city’s museums display this. It also boasts a strong role in overcoming the country’s communist past which, by doing so, signalled the end of the Cold War.

Things To See

Ornate Church organ St Mary s Church Gdansk Poland

Religion runs deep throughout Poland so it should come as no surprise to see a number of churches and cathedrals dotted around Gdansk. St. Mary’s Church in particular is one of the largest Gothic churches on the continent and looms high over the city. The Old Town is another highlight, with its charming vintage structures and the Old Hall of the City which features a highly decorated museum as well as some historical displays showing the destruction caused by the World War.

Things To Do

Stogi Beach Gdansk Poland

Whilst the water isn’t exactly boiling, the benefits of Gdansk being on the sea include the ability to visit the beach with Stogi Beach being one of the more renowned. Despite the water’s temperature, the beach is large and clean and houses several bars and restaurants. Sailing tours around the city’s port are readily available and offer some accurate, pristine looks at one of Europe’s most interesting cities. If the water isn’t enough, there are plenty of walking opportunities through the hub of the main city as well as the toned-down Old Town.

Eat & Drink

Goldenwasser restaurant Gdansk Poland

Sitting by the sea brings with it a menu of seafood alongside traditional Polish cuisine. On the high-brow end of the spectrum, Gdanska is a very attractive restaurant, filling its interior with antiques and Polish attractions. Other restaurants, such as El Paso, feature a more diverse menu, offering a little something of everything. There are a number of bars, most of which serve Goldwasser, a cherished drink within the city. It’s vodka-centric and has a touch of cream alongside flakes of gold, a must-try.

Gdansk is not a traditional tourist hot-spot and is miles away from the sunny offerings of Barcelona and the Greek Islands, but it holds its own little place in European history and features a proud assortment of architecture and things to see and do. Culturally, it’s one of the most important and significant cities in Europe and its charm will attract those of all ages; a must-see, must-visit city.

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