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Top Ten Travel Apps for the IPhone

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 The IPhone has many interesting apps that help people in many respects. It is not just a phone today but it is something much more than that. It is a complete gadget which is very useful in various situations. You should not forget to carry your iPhone when you are travelling. There are many travel apps in the iPhone, which you can use during your tour to make your tour more easy and comfortable.


The Ten most popular iPhone travel apps are:

The trainline: If you want to make your tour in a train then you must download The Trainline app in your phone. This app will let you know about the schedule of your train and will make it easy for you to plan your further trip accordingly.

Help call: When you are travelling to abroad, you may face distress in many issues. You can contact the emergency department of the country by the app- Help call. You can call to any of the department such as fire, police or hospital. This is really a great app and is much of use when you are outside your home.

Google translate: Language can be a barrier when you are going to some foreign country. However, with Google Translate, you can translate the language of that particular country and can communicate easily with the people of that country.

Tripit: Do you want a single piece, which can solve all your issues related to tour? Tripit can help you out to solve all your issues such as booking the car, flights, hotels etc. You can forward your confirmation mail of your booking to your personals tripit account.

Lonely planet: With this tool, you can explore the city in a much better manner. It contains the guide map of city, by which you can easily navigate the city and can explore many new places in the city.

Top shelf drinks: Do you want to taste some fabulous cocktail, while you are traveling? Top shelf Drinks app will let you know about the tips to blend the liquors and make fantastic drinks.

Kayak: With this app, you can easily search out flights, hotels, cars and other booking results. You can easily book your accommodation in the hotels directly from your iPhone prior to your visit to that place.

Evernote: If you want to store the notes, photos or voice during your tour, you must get the help of this app. Evernote is a wonderful app, by which you can enter your date or updates in this app.

Weather pro: When you are travelling to beaches or near sea shore, you must have idea about the weather report of that place. With this app in your iPhone, you can easily get to know about the weather report of that place with graph depiction. You will get satellite images of the weather report in your iPhone. It is truly a great app to have in your iPhone.

Thomas Cook What rate: You should know the exchange rate of currencies when you are travelling abroad. This app contains the exchange rate of around 80 countries.

Whether you are going on a business tour or planning a vacation with your family, you must have these apps in your iPhone. It will ensure you a safe and comfortable journey, which you will remember throughout your life. Also, get your gadget insured so as to use it freely while on a tour. Getting insurance for your iPhone is no more a hard task today. You can easily look for it online and get one as per your need.

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  1. From Parker:

    Great site! I love to travel, and I’ve always really enjoyed preparing to travel, as well. That TripIt app looks awesome though, with all these different recommendations all in one place. I can’t wait to try that out when I go to Europe next month. My all-time favorite app though, has to be this remote access app I picked up through my job at DISH. It’ll allow me to watch live or recorded shows off my home receiver no matter where in the world I am as long as I get a 3G connection. It’s perfect for chilling out in the hotel at the end of a long day or fighting jetlag.

    Posted on October 5, 2012 at 2:35 pm #

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