Jul 30

Top 5 Places to See and Visit In Sifnos

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1.Panagia Chrissopigi

This attraction is an ancient monastery, set out on a small, rocky peninsula heading out into the sea. The whole area around here is rather rocky, so make sure you wear sturdy shoes at all times, and take extra care when it is slippery. Although this is a popular attraction all year round, visiting it out of season arguably enables you to truly appreciate the beauty of the place and surrounding area.

For when your sightseeing is completed for the day, there are a number of excellent bars and restaurants where you can relax and refresh yourself.

2. Poulati

You know a destination is something special when it can only be reached on foot. Although that tends to point to a specific, dedicated breed of traveller, there is a wide variety of people who make it down to the beach at Poulati. Although not officially designated, the beach is popular among nudists and skinny dippers, although that should not stop you from truly appreciating the majesty of this location.

As well as the beach itself, a cliff-top church offers sightseeing opportunities far out into the sea.

3. Apollonia

The largest city and administrative capital of Sifnos, Apollonia is a beautiful place that needs a full day or two to fully get around and appreciate. Situated in the centre of the island, there are restaurants, bars, and shopping opportunities aplenty here, with a high number of quirky gifts and great value to be found wherever you look. If you stay on Sifnos for your whole holiday, ensure you take in Apollonia during your time here.

4. Profitis Ilias

Whether walking, cycling, or even on horseback, a trip through this beautiful woodland is a great way to experience the more tranquil side of any holiday island. This is one of two woodland areas on Sifnos, with the other, Kastro Sifnou, following much of the eastern coastline and offering breathtaking views and photo opportunities.

5. Kamares

As Sifnos has no airport, you will arrive at the island via ferry to the busy port town of Kamares. Even if this is not your final destination, it is always worth taking an afternoon or even the full day to explore the town and the beautiful surroundings. Whether the more modern aspects of the centre of the town or the gothic style housing where villagers toward the marina live, Kamares is a brilliant experience that will round off any trip to Sifnos.

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