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Tips for Finding Great Budget Accommodations in Orlando

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In most cases, a trip to Orlando means the family is going to a theme park. The parks are generally where the bulk of your hard-earned cash is going to go, especially since the moment you pass the turnstile, souvenir stands will beckon. If you’ve got to buy the ears and fairy wings, you’re going to want to offset your expenses somehow, and that’s by finding an Orlando hotel with reasonable rates. Fortunately, there are quite a few. Focus on the area nearest the attraction you’re planning on visiting, and use these tips to get a great deal.

Tip 1: Stay Near the Universal Orlando Theme Parks

Pinocchio Universal Studios Orlando Theme Park Florida

 Image via Flickr by JeffChristiansen

There are lots of attractions on International Drive, and you can find inexpensive Orlando hotels along here too. What makes it even more affordable is the trolley service that takes guests from one end to the other. It makes it easy to visit attractions and find a reasonably priced restaurant as well.

Tip 2: Buy the Bundle

Universal Studios Islands of Adventure rollercoaster Orlando Florida

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If you’re going to visit Universal Studios Orlando or Islands of Adventure, be sure and find a hotel at the end of International Drive. To save even more, book your Florida vacation with flight, theme park tickets, and hotel as a bundle deal. Many travel agencies have offers that can save you a considerable amount of time and money by packaging them together instead of making you search for individual deals on each.

Tip 3: Find a Hotel Near Walt Disney World

Cinderella s Castle Walt Disney World Orlando Florida

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You’ll find affordable hotels near attractions like Walt Disney World Resort, which are far cheaper than trying to stay on-site. Kissimmee, for example, has excellent cheap hotel options, and some of their hotels provide free transportation to the park, which saves you money on parking.

Tip 4: Stay Near SeaWorld

SeaWorld Shamu Stadium Orlando Florida

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SeaWorld is on the other end of International Drive, and you can find many affordable hotels perfect for families along the way. Among the excellent lodging options near SeaWorld, you’ll find kid-friendly properties like the Nickelodeon Hotel, which does cost a bit more, but has cartoon characters and a water park on the property.

Tip 5: Look for Extras

Many affordable hotels offer little extras that can make the trip nicer if you look for them. Ask if the room comes with a mini-fridge so you can save money by making sandwiches for your trip. Many also offer free breakfasts, so ask about that. And don’t forget to check for free transportation to and from the airport, the attraction, or both.

The hard part is getting to Orlando and plunking your money down on the attractions you’ve come to see. The easy and more affordable part comes when you’re looking for accommodations. As long as you’re content not staying on-site, there are deals nearby that both you and your wallet can live with.

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