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Thinking about undergoing dental implant treatment at overseas clinics?

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Many individuals who have neglected their dental care, or have missing teeth, are sure that one of the best options to obtain a perfect smile are dental implants. And, for many people, dental treatment abroad (e.g. in Croatia) might be a great solution. Indeed, dental tourism has become very popular over the past few years and visiting a dentist abroad could save up to 80% on your dental bills.

While dental procedures abroad may be more affordable,  you should consider a number of things before you finally arrange your dental appointment.  It is important to bear in mind that good and professional dentists work in every country. But no dental professional is perfect.

Do your own research, check out if an overseas dental clinic or a dentist has an online presence. Begin your investigation by using Google to search and that will bring you a lot of dental clinics’ websites or dental search engines. Web pages as gives insight into top dental implant clinics and provides you with reviews, stars, statistics and prices. Using dentalimplantsfriends you can also check out if a dental clinic has national or international certifications, a trusted clinic diploma or is a member of dental or health organizations. You can also see if the clinic of your choice has any other reviews on the Internet or in forums that will help you reach a more informed decision.  You might also want to mail or even call directly to see how comfortable you feel speaking with the dentist or customer care specialist, if there is any language issue, and what care options will be proposed for your recovery.  Bear in mind that the quality of your dental implant treatment at overseas clinics doesn’t depend just on the dentists. Check out the qualifications and experience of other members of staff, particularly lab specialists, orthodontists and periodontists and make sure they are very knowledgeable in the area of restorative procedures.  You should also investigate what dental materials and brands are used at the clinic for tooth restoration.

Before flying or visiting a dental clinic abroad make sure you clearly understand what the steps of your treatment are and that you are ready to stay abroad for the required time, to get the best possible dental care.  Make sure that you feel comfortable with the climate, culture, traditions and cuisine of your chosen country. If you desire to spend your dental holidays relaxing in thermal spas and admiring majestic architecture, then dental implant treatment in Hungary is the only way to go. But if you want to combine your procedures with sunbathing at the breathtaking Black Sea coast, then Bulgaria is the right choice.

Remember to keep all records of treatment you have undergone abroad so that your next dentist can provide you with the best after care possible. You will also need to check out other costs such as tickets, hotels, visas, food, local transport and entertainment and estimate how much of a saving you will make.

If you don’t have money to have your smile done in your own country, then cosmetic dentistry at overseas clinics may be the only option for you, just be sure that you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of dental implant treatment abroad.

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