Apr 25

Things You Should Never Do With Your Car

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There are lots of crazy and terrible things people do to their brand new or not very new cars just killing them. We’ll talk not about freaks, but rather about quite common things many of us do in a blissful ignorance. Like driving on your all-season tyres on ice or forgetting to take off winter tyres when the weather gets warmer.

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Neglecting your tyres

The stupidest thing we can do for our safety is just to ride on the tyres we bought the car with until they ‘talk’. If you don’t take care of them (keeping them under/over-inflated or failing to check them for the signs of premature wear, rotate or replace seasonal tyres in time), you won’t like their voice of anger when they suddenly betray you at the moment you expect it the least, another thing you want to avoid is getting a cheap insurance, that doesn’t mean you have to pay a lot, but you should at least get a company similar to Insurance Partnership just in case. Winter tyres are great for near-freezing temperatures, but they must be replaced with all-season or summer tyres once the temperature rises to 7 degrees Celsius. Their soft compound deteriorates very quickly when used on a warm road. On the other hand, all-season tyres, which should be better called ‘3 season’ ones, perform awfully when the temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius. Using them on ice or snow can lead to an accident.

Forgetting to change motor oil

Engine oil is needed to collect dirt, lubricate the engine parts, prevent these parts from rubbing against each other and, as a result, overheating. With the lapse of time (3 months for conventional oil and 6 for the synthetic one), it becomes too thick to prevent an excessive heat build-up in your engine and eventually its failure.

Driving an overheated car

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It may happen, for example, when you are slowly driving uphill being stuck in a traffic jam on a hot day or simply when your engine is out of cooler due to a leakage. Whatever the reason is, such overheating can cause various damages in your car including the engine damage which is very expensive.

Emptying the petrol tank every time

You should have some fuel in your petrol tank all the time while driving and not because of the old myth about demonic debris that can get into the engine. It’s because your fuel pump needs some petrol to stay cool and lubricated. Without it, it can get damaged. Always pay attention to the ‘fuel’ light on your dashboard. When your fuel indicator shows ‘E’, it means you have only 2 gallons of petrol or even less.

Washing your car under the sun

You think that a warm sunny day is a perfect for the mandatory spring-cleaning your car from its litter, soot, and salt accumulated during the winter months. But doing so, you actually damage your car’s shiny polish. It’s because of the droplets of water that act as a magnifying glass on an already very hot car’s metal surface. The intense sunlight causes microscopic damages on the car finish and fast discoloration. The negative effect will reveal itself in a couple of years.

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