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The Top 5 Mexican Holiday Cities

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Mexico is packed with historic and beautiful cities worth visiting while on a luxury holiday. With everything from world-class museums and galleries, fantastic restaurants, excellent theatres and fascinating historical sites to explore, Mexico’s cities offer a little bit of something for everyone to love. While on holiday in Mexico, be sure to check out these top cities for a memorable time.

Mexico City

As the capital and largest city in Mexico, Mexico City boasts world-famous landmarks, ancient ruins, renowned museums and a host of unique neighbourhoods to discover. The famed Zocalo plays host to the city’s government buildings as well as the stunning Mexico City Cathedral, one of the world’s most breathtaking places of worship. Plaza Garibaldi-Mariachi boasts many of the city’s finest cafes, shops and authentic Mexican restaurants while Cahpultepec Park is an idyllic and beautiful place to relax. No holiday to Mexico City is complete without visiting its wealth of world-class museums, galleries and cultural institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art, the National Museum of Anthropology, the National History Museum, the National Art Museum and many more. Other must-see attractions include Torre Mayor, the Cahpultepec Zoo and Xochimilco, a colorful neighbourhood known for its ancient Aztec waterways.


Known for its graceful colonial architecture and rich museums, Guadalajara has plenty to see and do. Holidaymakers can explore the magnificent Guadalajara Cathedral and discover the fascinating relics of the Museo Regional de Guadalajara. Other must-see points of interest in Guadalajara include Templo Expiatorio, Parque Mirador and Plaza Guadalajara, home to many bustling markets and fine shops.


This historic Northern Mexico city is home to a multitude of fascinating landmarks and interesting attractions. Cerro de la Silla, an iconic mountain outside the city, is a top destination for holidaymakers who wish to see some truly breathtaking views of the region while Cerro del Obispado is a top historical site worth visiting. The Macroplaza, the city’s central square, hosts a number of top attractions as well like the Monterrey Cathedral, the Monterrey Contemporary Art Museum and the Mexican History Museum. For those who enjoy the beauty of nature, Safari Parque Eestrella, located just outside the city, offers a fun and interesting experience.

San Luis Potosi

With its colonial heritage and rich culture, San Luis Potosi is one of Mexico’s hidden gems. Holidaymakers to this beautiful city will find brilliant architecture, an array of great shops and restaurants and a trove of attractions and sites of interest like Museo Federico Silva, Museo Nacional de Mascaras and the elegant Catedral de San Luis Potosi.


No city tour of Mexico is complete without a visit to Cancun. With its world-class beaches, wealth of bars, shops and restaurants and gorgeous weather year round, Cancun never fails to impress holidaymakers.

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