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The Top 10 Wonders of Peru

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A land of colourful cities, cloud-shrouded mountains and stunning landscapes, Peru is the crown jewel of South America. Those on a luxury holiday to this wondrous country will find plenty of incredible sights and memorable landmarks. Here are the top ten wonders of Peru that every holidaymaker must see.

Machu Picchu

This historic Incan complex is an icon of Peru’s history and heritage and one of the world’s most spectacular sights. Set amongst the brilliant vistas of the Andes Mountains, Machu Picchu is an unforgettable wonder and the country’s premier holiday attraction.

Lake Titicaca

South America’s largest lake, Lake Titicaca is a place of remarkable beauty and lush scenery all around. Visitors should make a point to see Isla Amantani, Isla de la Luna, Isla de la Sol and the bustling town of Puno.

Rio Abiseo National Park

This Park offers rich biodiversity to discover as well as a plethora of hiking trails and beautiful places to explore.

Chavin de Huantar

This fascinating archeological site holds a vast array of interesting relics from the ancient Chavin civilization, a culture even older than the Inca. The area is also perfect for hiking and rural sightseeing. For those with an interest in Peruvian history and culture, Chavin de Huantar is a must-see location.

Manu National Park

This vast and diverse national park hosts some of the world’s most unique flora and fauna. Intrepid holidaymakers who enjoy exploring and discovering unspoiled forests should put visiting Manu National Park on the top of their itineraries.

Urubamba Valley

Known as the “Sacred Valley,” the Urubamba Valley plays host to the lively city of Cuzco and is rich with culture and Peruvian history. Set amidst the brilliant Andes Mountains, the Urubamba Valley holds Peru’s greatest concentration of ancient Inca ruins and archeological sites, making it a truly unforgettable place to visit while on holiday. Recreational activities like hiking, mountain climbing and rafting can all be done around the valley.


Bordering the vast and untamed Amazon Rainforest, the city of Iquitos is the perfect place for exploring the surrounding jungles. A top spot for those interested in ecological tourism, the area around Iquitos boasts endless kilometers of unspoiled rainforests, rushing rivers and some of the world’s most fascinating fauna and flora.


Located in the splendorous Cordillera Blanca mountain range, Huaraz boasts some of Peru’s most breathtaking vistas and spectacular mountain scenery. Holidaymakers often use Huaraz as a base when exploring the rugged mountains as well as the Huascaran National Park, an ideal location for mountain climbing, hiking and scenic sightseeing.

Nazca Lines

These ancient and mysterious symbols dot the arid Nazca Desert. Known for their intrigue and intricate designs, they offer a glimpse into Peru’s ancient past.


Peru’s capital is a wonder in and of itself. Home to spectacular beaches, fascinating galleries and beautiful colonial buildings, this city is certainly worth a visit while on holiday.

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