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The Smartphone Goes Camping

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Smartphones are inescapable, even on the trail. If you’re traveling with the family, or even by yourself, it can be tempting to treat phones like a distraction. But smartphones can be invaluable on a camping trip if you know how to use them. With the right apps, your phone will add a lot to your next trip.

The first thing you should do is check Camping Trip Planner to make sure you’re stocked with the essentials. It’s a pre-made list of every item you could possibly need: all you need to do is add the ones you want to your list, and packing becomes a snap. You can also find the perfect campsite with Camp & RV – every site is rated by users, and lists amenities and hookups so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting before you show up.

Today’s best smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy 5, can even help you prepare dinner, and its power-saving mode can keep it running even in remote areas. The cooking you’ll have to do yourself, but the Classic Camping Cookbook lets you search by the ingredients and methods you have on hand to find the perfect recipe. You can also find apps to identify constellations, as well as the SAS Survival Guide, which can get you out of any jam. It teaches you how to tie knots, includes a signalling device to call for help in situations without cell service, and a guide to finding fresh water.

So don’t feel like you need to leave your phone at home to enjoy your trip. Your phone can make any camping trip more enjoyable if you let it. You’d never leave home without a map; now your phone can be just as essential. Read on to find out how.

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