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The Miser’s Guide to Guatemala on a Budget

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Guatemala is an extraordinary travel destination that is often overlooked for more glamorous, tropical destinations. Nevertheless, Guatemala is a great place to visit that combines both adventurous and educational activities. And smart travellers can enjoy much of Guatemala on a budget with these easy tips:


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One should always look for cheap ticket deals on the internet. Many flight companies have special offers and less expensive opportunities can’t be missed. Also, a good starting point could be checking into regional airlines that fly within Guatemala . That way a person can buy a ticket from an international airline and then choose a regional airline to get to a specific desired destination, which can save some good money.


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Looking for hostels to stay in, rather than opting for notorious resorts or hotel accommodation is advisable. Hostels cater to those who are traveling on a Guatemala on a budget holiday and are actually very cheap, offering very good services. Plus, this way one can get the chance to exchange information and useful travel tips with other travelers who are on a strict budget.

When choosing a travel guide that can show the most fascinating attractions it is recommended to book a local provider instead of a large guided tour. A private guide will offer travelers the chance to admire gorgeous sights from volcanos, waterfalls to ruins and other places.

Guatemala on a budget

Image: diskmix via Flickr

When buying food, souvenirs and other sorts of goodies for those back home, the best option is to go to the local markets. Usually, prices at these markets are incredibly low and also the products are more original and the food is definitely more tasty. Chichicastenango and Solola are two regional markets that offer goods and are a must see hot spot for every person visiting Guatemala. Local markets are a haven for a true and genuine Guatemala on a budget getaway.

Most Guatemalan cafes have Wi-fi internet services that don’t charge very much. Instead of making long expensive international calls to check the loved ones that are back home it is preferable to use the internet to send hello’s and lovely greetings.

These useful tips for a Guatemala on a budget will transform everyone’s journey into a once in a lifetime experience filled with unforgettable moments.

What are your tips for seeing Guatemala on a budget?

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