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The Stingy Traveller’s Guide to El Salvador

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Central America is a budget traveller’s paradise, so it should come as no surprise that seeing El Salvador on a budget is as easy as saying por favore!

El Salvador

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5 things to do in El Salvador on a budget holiday

The main attraction in El Salvador is the lovely city of San Salvador, the capital. With party locations all across the city , sport activities and historical sights this location is an astonishing holiday destination for all the travelers out there.

Here are a few sights worth visiting by those who are on a low budget and still want to get the best of El Salvador.

Surf and Party in El Tunco

This paradise beach of El Tunco is perfect for swimming, boarding, and especially for surfing. People here show so much hospitality and the food is to die for. Not to mention the fact that accommodation is cheap and the atmosphere is so laid back that all worries will be swept away in no time.

El Tunco, El Salvador

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Climb the Boqueron Volcano

For the adrenaline junkies, there is no better sensation in the world like the one being on the rim of a Volcano and looking down into a massive crater.

Art sightseeing in Downtown San Salvador

Although a small city, San Salvador is simply invaded by street art scenes. One will find all sorts of politically oriented and purely artistic art forms that give a strong insight into El Salvador’s civil war history. Sightseeing doesn’t cost a thing. Now this is what El Salvador on a budget holiday is all about.

El Salvador

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Night Tour Of San Salvador by Bicycle

One interesting fact is that the government of El Salvador sponsors every Thursday night a mini bike marathon all around San Salvador. This marathon is entirely safe, given the fact that it is escorted by the police . It doesn’t cost much either; with five dollars, a person can rent a bike,get his body fit and see the wonderful landscapes that San Salvador has to offer by night.

Interact with the locals

The people of El Salvador are extremely friendly and always wear a big smile on their faces. Almost everybody around here speaks English so there won’t be problems conversating with them. This is a huge opportunity to learn cultural facts and to make new friends. Because this is what a El Salvador on a budget vacation means : fun, beautiful moments for free.

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