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Terrifying New York Myths and Stories

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People like to think that there is a myth or a terrifying story behind every building or landmark. Some even believe that certain houses or places are haunted. For example, there are plenty of people who assume that numerous parks and buildings in New York are often visited by ghosts. The metropolis features indeed unique burial grounds, hidden resting places and landmark cemeteries, but no one knows if they’re haunted or not. New York City is said to have celebrity ghosts such as Nancy Spungen (Sid Vicious’ girlfriend), the poet Dylan Thomas and John Lennon. The haunted town might look appealing and interesting for some of the tourists, so they might like the following list.

The St. Mark’s Church in – the – Bowery is one of the first buildings that was said to be haunted. It’s situated in Manhattan, East Village. The ghost in the church is Peter Stuyvesant who was the director of the New Netherland colony. After his death he was buried inside the religious institution. People claim they’ve seen him walking in the church. Apparently, he also disrupted services in 1995 and 1884. The Manhattan Bistro in SoHo is another point of interest for the ghost hunters. In 1799 Elma Sands was murdered by her fiancé, Levi Weeks. She was thrown inside a well that’s located in the basement of the Manhattan Bistro. The manager of the pub says that he heard the girl and that he also saw mysterious shadows. The Belasco Theatre is another must see. Here is where the Bishop of Broadway, David Belasco, lived until he died in 1931. The apartment he lived in is said to be haunted. Numerous doormen, stagehands and actors claimed that they have seen Belasco in the balcony or on the hallways.

No one would think that the Washington Square Park is visited by ghosts. This is an apparently quiet and secure place and the New Yorkers don’t believe that it is haunted. Still, Nancy Valentine, a park vendor and jewelry designer has spotted some mysterious appearances inside the park. Once, she was under the arch with her friends and one of them was touched by someone or something that could not be seen. Additionally, other people reported that at night one can see ghosts in the trees. The truth is that Washington Square accommodates no less than 20,000 bodies underneath, thus some of these stories might be true.

The New York University and the Brittany Hall are also accustomed with ghost lore. Various residents of the dorm said that they’ve seen or heard unusual appearances and noises. Still, they claim that the ghost is quite friendly and they now see her appearances as ordinary. The Algonquin Hotel is haunted by the poet Dorothy Parker. She died in 1967, but it seems that she didn’t finish her mission on earth. She didn’t like children at all and when she sees kids at the Round Table Restaurant in the Algonquin she scares them or at least this is what Daniel Jutt, the concierge, thinks.

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