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The Stingy Traveller’s Guide to Costa Rica

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One of the most beautiful countries in Central America, Costa Rica has something to offer for every traveler out there. This fascinating place is well known for its sunny beaches perfect for surfing, adventurous jungle scenery and relaxation spots. Costa Rica’s popularity can be a huge step stone for budget travelers, as the services can be quite expensive, but with a bit of planning and flexibility, tourists can enjoy a wonderful Costa Rica on a budget experience without spending huge amounts of money. And sometimes this is the best way to actually get to know the place and interact with a different and fascinating culture.

Costa Rica Beach

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For the accommodation part , best deal while travelling to Costa Rica is to opt for hostel stays. Clean and cheap places can be found all over the country due to the fact that the hostel industry has developed so much in the last years here, in Costa Rica. Budget travelers in Costa Rica can save a lot of money simply by staying at hostels. Most hostels will provide information about their internet services and other accommodation facilities and budget tours specific to their location.

Eat Like a Local

A total Costa Rica on a budget holiday means cutting down the usual habits and enjoying the Costa Ricans simple way of life and their delicious cuisine. It is advisable to avoid restaurants that display menus in English. Opting instead for small, local frequented places and street food is a better choice. Also, getting to know the Costa Rican supermarkets is a good way to buy fresh food at very low prices. Any tourist visiting Costa Rica should know that eating out at lunch time is cheaper than the dinner.

Use Public Transportation

Transportation means like taxis and tourist shuttles are actually outrageously expensive in Costa Rica. Best deal while on a low budget holiday scheme is to use buses.

Costa Rica

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Travel in the Low Season

For those who don’t fancy the idea of hot steamy days, a great solution would be to travel during the off-season when prices are very low. Although the low season is the Costa Rica’s rainy season which lasts from May to November, some beautiful sunny days can be seen while having a Costa Rica on a budget dream vacation at its fullest potential.

Try new exciting places

Costa Rica Volcano

Image: dotpitch via Flickr

For a genuine Costa Rica on a budget journey and a unique glimpse of the Costa Rican culture, a good idea is to head to the small villages around the Panama border. Smaller towns tend to have lower prices for their tourist services and better accommodation as well.

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