Jul 03

Would you rent a Wi-Fi Dog?

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Wi-Fi Dogs/Travel

We’ve all been there. On vacation. The hotel you’re staying at charges and arm and a leg to get Wi-Fi, so you do what any self-respecting stingy traveller would — you go on the hunt for the free stuff. Cafés, fast food joints, shopping centres — any of the usual haunts to get that ever elusive, but oh so satisfying free connection. Enter José’s Wi-Fi dogs. Wi Fi dogs main Well, they’re not really Wi-Fi dogs of course. (But how cool would that be!!) The creative minds behind Deutsche Telekom’s latest campaign have done a splendid job of highlighting the absurd lengths people will go to get a free connection. Wi fi dogs chihuahua In the humorous tongue-in-cheek video, José takes us through everything from his inspiration for the idea (“this could work!”) to his process for training the hounds, which of course includes dangling a router from a stick. All hilarity aside (and there’s plenty of hilarity thanks to skeptic Brits, a family lured into a shady strip club, and loveable pooches ranging in size from a Chihuahua to Newfoundland dog), the video makes some very salient points. Wi fi dogs How much time do we waste trying to get a Wi-Fi connection while on vacation? Wouldn’t it be better to research roaming costs in your destination a little beforehand to see if paying for internet on your mobile phone would be more of a cost-effective, less hassle kind of option? While the idea of renting Wi-Fi Dogs/Travel may not take off, I think the marketing crowd may have stumbled onto something that would sell — renting a pet while on vacation. Now that’s something I’m sure a lot of pet lovers would go for. Take a look at the video below and let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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