May 31

Osaka, the perfect base for a trip to Japan

by in Japan

If your taking your first trip to wonderful Japan I advise that for your Kansai region base you use Osaka. Osaka is the food basket of Japan and offers a huge variety of different eats at affordable prices.


Osaka offers cheap accommodation and is just a half hour train ride to Kyoto, Kobe and Nara and just about all of the rest of the Kansai region making it a perfect base. The average cost of a room in Osaka is $30 a night, though you can find cheaper rooms than this, some are as cheap as $10 a night though they might be in crappier areas.

I would advise using Hotel Kinki it’s a nice clean love hotel located right next to the central Osaka train station. Since this is a love hotel all the rooms are soundproof.


If you like video games you will love all the video game aracades scatered everywhere around Osaka, my favorite was this Gundam game where you get into this giant ball and duck it out with out mechs, very realistic, incredibly fun.


If your after electronics or collectables den den town is quite interesting though it can be a little hard to find.


If your after fashion there’s this strip, I can’t recall it’s name it’s the one with the olympics billboard it’s about 3km long and has just about every kind of fashion imaginable at cheap cheap prices.


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