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A new travel idea: Local experiences for local prices

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As we told you earlier, in the post about the best things in Istanbul: “When you live somewhere, you get to know where the hidden gems are.” This is also one of the starting points of the new travel marketplace where locals offer experiences and their skills to travellers. If you love to explore the culture from a local point of view, Withlocals is the platform to keep in mind.

Stingytraveller Ivan Bali

How does it work?

The site connects travellers with locals in Asia trough home dinners, tours and activities. This is the ideal way to experience a local’s life and their culture up-close. Since travellers are able to book their experience directly with a local, no expensive travel companies get in between to increase the price. You will just a real and authentic experience, arranged by a local.

Budget friendly experiences

Stingytraveller Ann Malaysia

I have made a nice selection of local experiences for budget travellers. This selection includes a home cooking experience with Ann from Malaysia, or you can go for an organic food dinner with Putu and Ayu in Bali. What about creating your own Lanna Lanterns in Thailand with Miss C, or a night rafting adventure in Bali with Ivan? And I can go on and on, because many experiences are very budget friendly!

Stingytraveller Miss C Thailand

Another great benefit of experiencing a culture with locals, is that you can ask them anything that pops into your mind when you are for example exploring the city together. They maybe have lived in this city their whole life and they can tell you the most wonderful stories they have experienced in all those years. Locals will give you a far more intense and authentic impression of their country than any tour operator or guidebook will ever be able to offer. This will definitely become an experience you will never forget. On top of all that a lot of countries are taking example form the program called Vietnam visa on arrival that has worked so well for Vietnam, this is making longer stays much more accessible.

Stingytraveller Putu and Ayu Bali

Withlocals has already launched in 7 countries in Asia, and they plan on expending in the future. You can subscribe yourself to this platform as a traveller, and also as a host. You can become a host if you live in one of the countries they have launched in (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Nepal and Indonesia). This way, you can even earn a fair amount, by taking travellers to your favourite place or by letting them taste your best dish! How budget friendly!

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