Oct 26

You must be crazy to travel, or not #QuestionMadness

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Do you ever look at someone doing extreme sports and think, “that person must be crazy.” You know the types that I’m talking about — the people who scale imposing vertical cliff faces, the people who run marathons in the desert, the people who dive off mountaintops in those winged Batman-type getups. Yeah those people. Crazy right?

Hot air balloon being deflated in Laos

Hot air balloon being deflated in Laos

Or perhaps we’re the crazy ones.

What makes something crazy? What defines happiness? Who gets to tell us what to do? When do we listen?

I know quite a few folks back home who I think are crazy, but now how you might think.

Many of them just go from Point A to Point B weekdays, and might make a trip to IKEA or Costco on the weekend to treat themselves to a hot dog at the cafeteria.

That’s not an accomplishment. Those are chores. And to me, that is madness.

We’ve been given this gift of a great big juicy world right outside our door. And we usually don’t need to venture too far beyond the Costco parking lot to find it.

Check out this video from The North Face which begs the question: What is madness? It may just get you thinking about your life choices. And for some of us, that’s definitely a good thing.

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