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Montreal through the eyes of filmmakers with #MTLmoments / Perspectives

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Montreal Le boulevard St-Laurent apres l'averse #MTLmoments

Montreal has been a longtime favourite of mine when it comes to budget destinations — great cheap eats, reasonably priced nightlife, and an overall low cost of living make it a great choice for any wallet-conscious traveller. Whereas most major Canadian cities tend to lean toward the expensive side for visitors, Montreal (thankfully) does its own thing.

That “doing its own thing” mindset spilled over into how Tourism Montreal promoted the city to travellers as well.

For the past few years, Tourisme Montréal has invited Montreal tourists and locals to share their best moments using the #MTLmoments hashtag. During this time, thousands of pictures were shot and shared, and now Tourisme Montréal is giving them a second life with the #MTLmoments/Perspectives project.

To do so, eight local directors were chosen to bring their vision to one of the chosen #MTLmoments (Instagram picture), with a 2 to 5-minute short film. The directors were given complete artistic freedom to interpret the photo, in order to create an authentic portrait of the city that would resonate with Montrealers and creative minds all over the world.

The first four videos are available to view now — have a peek at one of them here.

You can see the rest of the unique videos, and get more information about the project and the directors, at the #MTLmoments website:


Which one is your favourite?

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