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Money saving tips for Helsinki

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Finland is one amazing country that boasts extraordinary landscapes and countless gorgeous lakes. For those who want to have a genuine Baltic experience, Helsinki is a must. If you are planning to visit Helsinki on a budget, getting as many facts as possible beforehand is paramount to saving yourself some dough.

Helsinki Harbour

Image: magnusfranklin via Flickr

Although Helsinki is considered to be one of the world’s most expensive cities, this is not a good reason to skip the Finnish capital. Keeping in mind some useful tips will allow everyone to see Helsinki on a budget. Focus on accommodation places, restaurants and places to eat out, sightseeing and night life activities.


When on a low budget holiday the best deal is to opt for hostels instead of other forms of accommodation. These wonderful hostels are located all around the city and usually surrounded by beautiful gardens and peaceful sights.


Image: Davide Restivo via Flickr

Eating out & restaurants

The best time to indulge with the delicious Finnish cuisine is lunch time; and usually served in a buffet line. These meals are usually the all-you-can-eat type garnished with coffee, tea or desserts. And it won’t leave a person bankrupt. Because Finland is known for its coffee, it is a must to try a delicious cafe? latte whilst in Helsinki. Useful tip: for saving even more money it is advisable to bring a personal cup because some restaurants offer a discount in this situation.


Best season to visit Helsinki is either spring or summer. When planning an exuberant but nevertheless cheap Helsinki journey, the best thing to do is to grab a camera and start hitting the streets. This city has a lovely architecture. Don’t miss these amazing places: Central Railway Station, Sibelius Monument, Finlandia Hall among others.

Useful tips: visit The Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art and the Ateneum Art Museum that are free for public visit on every Wednesday. The National Museum of Finland doesn’t charge a fee onTuesday evening. These places can be visited by foot or by using public transportation like buses, trams, subway and the ferry. It won’t cost much if a one day or two days full passes are purchased before.

Helsinki Cathedral

Image: zkvrev via Flickr


Helsinki’s night life is without any doubts a rich and colourful. Finns like a good drink and the Kali area is a good place for having a couple of drinks without lightening the pockets. Leaving this place with the memory of having a cheap Helsinki holiday will be amplified by all the variety of bars that one can enjoy.

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