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Money Saving Tips for Melbourne

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Melbourne is a special holiday destination for every traveler out there. Spending the next holiday with style while saving some money on a cheap Melbourne holiday is a big and yet achievable goal.


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Everybody desires a nice, relaxing holiday that won’t make them bankrupt. Making a blooming holiday doesn’t necessarily mean giving up on expensive destinations. Holiday travel is a must while spending a huge amount of money is not.

Before packing the bags and preparing for a slice of the Australian dream, keeping in mind some useful tips regarding Melbourne can make a holiday even more enjoyable.


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Melbourne is one of Australia’s top holiday destinations that attracts millions of visitors each year. With a population that reaches almost 4 million people, this city is the second largest city in Australia. Mixing modern high rise towers with preserved historic Victorian era architecture Melbourne boasts magnificent parks and extraordinary gardens all around the city.

The city is famous for its great festivals, sports spectaculars, gourmet cuisine and delicious wine along with a vibrant art scene. Before leaving home it is advisable to check out the calendar of events in Melbourne.

Cheap Melbourne holiday tips

When travelling to Melbourne there are some basic rules that must be kept in mind by any traveler that wants to have an unforgettable cheap Melbourne getaway. Everything must be planned according to these basic keywords: public transportation, food & restaurants, shopping, events and accommodations.

Public transport

Public transportation is relatively cheap in Melbourne. However, there are some facts to be aware of. Buying a ticket at proper hours in order to be validated can gain extra hours or even days for a city journey.

Eating out

Special offers at most restaurants in Melbourne are usually found around midday. Eating in the bar areas and pubs is cheaper than choosing to eat in lounge places. A plus would be trying to avoid labels like “yummy” or “tasty” and sticking to simple foods. Melbourne is packed with “happy discount days “from Monday to Tuesday when the menu is at half price compared to other days of the week.


Melbourne is a huge metropolitan place surrounded by a large display of designer shops and retail shopping centres. Nevertheless, the best way to enjoy a Melbourne experience on the budget is by sticking to basic items while shopping.


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Australian Open and Melbourne International Arts Festival are just two of the major attractions this city has. It’s a good idea to bring food and drinks when attending these venues. Organizing staff take advantage of visitors by selling items at a huge price.


Melbourne is packed with great hotel resorts and accommodation places suitable for most budgets. Many tour operators offer holiday packages that give extra nights or have other facilitates included.

Using these useful tips can transform every journey into a cheap Melbourne experience garnished with fun memories.

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