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Money saving tips for Stockholm

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Cheap Stockholm

Sweden is a beautiful European country and a major attraction for travelers around the world. Although tourists are dying to set their feet on Swedish grounds, this popular destination is known to be rather expensive. The most important city in Sweden, Stockholm is a cool and stylish place that can offer a high class experience as well as a cheap Stockholm getaway.

Stockholm, Sweden

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Stockholm on a budget

When looking for a cheap Stockholm holiday it’s advisable to keep in mind some useful tips. Despite being a perfect holiday place for family adventures and couples, Stockholm can be quite expensive at a first sight. This archipelago of 14 islands makes it the only capital in the world with a protected national park and a memorable place filled with fun and entertaining activities to do.

Stockholm, Sweden

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There is absolutely no better way to visit Stockholm than by bike. This is city is a bike friendly paradise filled with marked cycle lines and highly educated drivers. Renting a bike for three days costs only 12 Euros and the bike can be purchased from 70 locations across the city. Not to mention the subway, Tunnelbana, that is open 24 hours. Opting for this super efficient transportation method instead of expensive taxis can make a tourist save some money.


Best places to visit whilst in Stockholm are the Storkyrkan and Tyska Kyrkan Churches in Gamla Stan. The best thing about these sights is that there is no entry fee required. The Storkyrkan Cathedral is a wonderful place to see because it houses a priceless statue of ‘St George and the Dragon, while Tyska Kyrkan houses 119 biblical paintings and an ornate Baroque organ.

Stockholm, Sweden cheap Stockholm

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Investing in a Stockholm card that can be bought online gives a tourist a free day pass on the city’s public transport system and entry to 80 museums and major attractions.


Stockholm’s high class streets offer a great display of Scandinavian designer shops and outlet centers. Collection items can be bought at very cheap prices. And for every bargain hunter out there this is what makes a cheap Stockholm holiday a fulfilling escapade.

Dining & restaurants

Many restaurants in Stockholm provide special offers. Instead of choosing the busy restaurants located in the city centres, tourists on a low budget are advised to explore the hidden streets that usually host numerous affordable restaurants.


For the perfect cheap Stockholm holiday it’s advisable to opt for a vacation in the middle of the week, when hotels offer better deals than during the weekends.

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