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Living a Local during your Trip to Alicante

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If you plan to spend your time in Alicante on a shoestring budget, the best way to do so is by choosing to live like the locals do. This charming Spanish town has a lot to offer to the quintessential backpacker who wishes to explore the town’s culture and way of life.

People Watching in Alicante

Like in most parts of Europe, one of the best ways to spend your time in Alicante is to just sit back, and watch the world go by. Not only does this give you a chance to meet new people and observe local behaviours, this helps you earn a sack full of rich, vivid experiences that cost nothing. Many locals in Alicante love to spend time on the sun-kissed beach of Playa del Postiguet, which while offering picturesque views of the city and sparkling water, are also great for sitting around in the palm tree promenade.

Alicante Spain beach

Barrio de Santa Cruz

A few streets away from the Alicante Office of the CEA, you will come across a very local and traditional barrio or district full of charming white homes decorated with colorful flower pots and plants. This road will lead you to a square home which is the Hermitage of Santa Cruz dating back to the 18th century. Enter Erata Park and you will come across a free entry gate into the Santa Barbara Castle, which promises some gorgeous views from a height. This route provides some stunning views over the Old Town, Marina and Sea Front.

Alicante Spain

Shopping Like a Local

Most locals in Alicante will shop at Mercadillos, i.e. outdoor markets. In these markets, you will be able to find everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to bags, shoes, light furniture, trinkets, souvenirs, clothes and other necessities. Most of these markets will be open on Thursdays and Saturdays. Note that every neighborhood sets up its own local market. If you wish to shop for grocery items, Mercadona is a great place to consider for good quality cheap products such as cleaning items, personal care products and fresh food.

Exploring the Restaurants and the Nightlife

If you truly wish to mingle with the locals, head towards Benidorm. Boasting tourist facilities like having over 200 000 apartments and places to stay, you are also likely to find some great food at affordable rates here. Many of the pubs here will offer pints for 1.50 Euros and an English breakfast starting at just 1.80 Euros. Most of these restaurants will also offer a menu del dia for lunch where you are given a wholesome three course meal for as little as 6 Euros.


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