Man On The Lam: A cubicle-escapee with an addiction to oddities, Raymond writes about quirky getaways, offbeat attractions, and unique adventures.

Martha Stewardess: Join sassy-mouthed Martha – flight attendant to the stars – as she makes her way around the globe. This is Living at 34,000 feet.

Travel Globe: Your destination for info on budget and adventure travel.

travelWIRED:  Visit travelWIRED for travel technology tips and destination guides to keep you connected on the road.

Budget Travel Guide: Save your money and see the world with city guides that provide free and almost-free activities for travellers.

Indie Trips: A travel site that focuses on independent trip advice for independent travellers.

Indie Travels: Make your own road with these guides and tips for independent travellers.

Travel Escapism:  Escape the everyday, any day with this travel site focused on weekend getaways.

Road Trip Travel – Travel the world by car!

Travelers Notebuk – Your Guide in Travels, Food, and More

Dale’s Blog – An up an coming blog from mainland China, situated in the US, while seeking to the siprit of sharing is highlighted. A place to capture the moments of China and its buzz around.

Travel Blog Advice – A fantastic Resource for those starting a travel blog, provides everything from information on CDN’s and SEO configuration to the importance of Guest Blogs.

Inspiring Travellers – A great website to get your travel blog out into the open, they publish quite a few guest posts and are a great place to get started.

The Diary Mad – A great website that features guest posts from hundreds of different blogger, a great place to start for the aspiring blogger.

99 Travel Tips – A great place for travel trips, destinations, vacations, hotels and more.

Boots N All Travel– A site for independent travelers with great articles, a good forum, and a good flight booking engine.

Couchsurfing– This website allows you to stay on people’s couches or in spare rooms for free!! It’s a great way to save money and meet people.

Johnny Jet– A great booking and information resource for travelers. They have a link to just about anything you need. If you are looking for good deals, don’t forget to sign up for his newsletter.

Traveller’s Point– A great website with a forum, travel information, mapping tools, and a blogging platform.

Backpacking Women on the Road– Backpacking travel information, safety tips, and plenty of advice for women who love to travel on their own – or would if they could!

Airfarewatchdog – This website monitors airline ticket prices and will alert you when a deal occurs. They find a lot of unadvertised fares and I highly recommend signing up for their newsletter.