Jun 30

LADAKH: The Road Less Traveled

by in India

“The song Numb is humming through my head, and its not helping because I’m cold, Numb. I guess where I’m standing, it wouldn’t have mattered if it was June or December, the river is always cold, and when you’re standing in water above your knees, you would be too.

I don’t want to stand in the river, but I have to. I have to walk those 20 long meters,across the river to check if SUV can pass through the river but I don’t have the courage, as with every step the water gets deeper.

The stones are slippery and the white elephant(SUV) cannot cross this river.

We have to go back. But we can’t… Because the mountain has fallen.

We cannot go forward, because the bridge has fallen.

We’re trapped……….In the middle of nowhere on a cold wild lonely mountain.

…………. The Journey begins!”


Enclosed by the mountains in all possible directions along with it are countless small and big streams accompanied by huge rivers with an abundance of green, snow capped mountains and a barren cold desert.


Ladakh means “Land of high passes” and lies in the extreme north of India, with the drive to Ladakh being an extremely adventurous one with the most picturesque scenes and breathtaking views but challenging with the most difficult terrain and brutal roads. Ladakh is only reachable during summer and it experiences extreme winters so summer is the best time to visit Ladakh.


Places to visit:


Leh is the capital of Ladakh and is a very ancient city. It has a large number of monasteries and comprises of a mainly Buddhist population. Leh is the only city in Ladakh with an airport, as not very many airplanes service this area. So, book your  airline tickets to Ladakh during summer as flights are not as easy to book because of the rush .


Pangong Tso is a blue colored salt water lake in the himalayas which extends from Ladakh to Tibet.

Khardung La is the highest motorable road in the world.

Nubra Valley  is a high altitude desert which experiences rare precipitation but very prone to landslides. It is here that I got stuck in my white elephant(SUV)


There’s another isolated but astonishing place called Zanskar. This place is unmatchable for the solace it offers you.

“As I sat in a small restaurant,in a village in the middle of nowhere, drinking Cognac with a bunch of strangers, talking about nothing in particular, happy and at peace with myself, I couldn’t help but thank God for bringing me to Zanskar.”


Ladakh offers you some of the most remote and isolated locations. It offers you a chance to  explore nature beautiful, full of color and character. The biggest part of Ladakh, is its uninhabited wilderness. They say once you’ve experienced Ladakh  a little bit of you is always left in Ladakh.


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