Jul 30

Iconography of the Ancients: Touring Peru

by in South America

Encompassing everything from rugged mountain ranges to iconic ancient landmarks, Peru is filled with interesting and unique destinations for a memorable holiday. Visitors to this wondrous South American country will find everything from vibrant cities to brilliant landscapes to exotic jungles to explore. Even the most seasoned global holidaymaker will find something enchanting about this beautiful nation. Here are just five of the top destinations to visit while on a luxury holiday in Peru.

Machu Picchu

Without a doubt one of the world’s most spectacular ruins, Machu Picchu is a world-wide icon of Peru and the greatest symbol of the Inca Empire. Set high in the Andes, the “Lost City of the Incas” is one of those places that must truly be seen to be believed. The complex was originally constructed by the Incas in the 1400s yet abandoned in the wake of the Spanish conquest of the Incas. Since its dramatic rediscovery in 1911, Machu Picchu has served as Peru’s premier holiday and tourism destination thanks to its spectacular setting and rich history. Holidaymakers should make a point to see the Sun Gate and the stunning Temple of the Sun within the complex.

Lake Titicaca

This famed lake is the highest lake in the world and the largest in all of South America. On its shores lies the picturesque city of Puno, packed with restaurants, shops and hotels to enjoy. Elsewhere on the lake, holidaymakers will find must-see sites like Isla de la Luna, Isla de la Sol and Isla Taquile, known for distinct culture and stunning views of the surrounding area.


The colorful capital city of Peru offers everything from rich cuisine to fascinating museums to beautiful beaches. Top attractions in this city include Correo Central, Convento de San Francisco, Plaza de Armas and Museo de Arte de Lima. The Barranco neighbourhood hosts many of the city’s finest beaches and nightlife spots while cultural attractions and parks such as the Parque de Lima, Museo de Arte de San Marcos and Galeria Pancho Fierro all abound in the city.


This town holds the famed Nazca Lines, mysterious geometric figures drawn into the desert sand. While the Nazca Lines are the town’s top attraction for holidaymakers, other top destinations and points of interest include the Museo Arqueologico Antonini and its wide array of authentic Peruvian restaurants and unique shops to explore.


Trujillo is a bustling and historic city located near the northern coastline of Peru. Boasting a rich history and some of Peru’s finest architecture, Trujillo plays host to attractions like its historic colonial centre, the Moche Pyramids and the interesting El Brujo archeological site. Other top attractions include the ancient ruins of Chan Chan and the stunning beaches of the neighboring resort town of Huanchaco.

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