Jun 10

How to Optimize your Blog

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I’ve been reading quite a lot of travel blogs recently and I’ve noticed that quite a few people don’t seem to know how to optimize their otherwise perfect blogs.

Some of the things I’ve noticed is:

Lack of CDN

A CDN allows your content to be on servers around the world, this lowers your first byte time and increases the speed at which visitors can visit your blog. A good free one is Cloudflare which is what I use, I just use the free edition.

Lack of Image Compression 

This is quite important as uncompressed images can blow out your load times and make your sight seem inaccessible or down, this can damage your sites rating.

Lack of Text compression via GZIP

You’d be surprised how much text compression can save in bandwidth and load time, especially initial load time, this is quite important for guests.

Lack of Caching of Objects

Caching objects makes it so the person reading your blog don’t have to keep reloading content, so it makes the browsing experience faster.

Ugly unusable Post links (permalinks)

Quite a few blogs I’ve seen don’t seem to understand that you need to change your permalinks from the wordpress default of




This way you’ll rank much higher in Google plus your site will look much nicer and less amateur.

To fix this just go to settings in wordpress and click on permalinks then change it to Post Name.

 How can I fix these things?

Nearly all of these things can be fixed by just downloading a couple of plugins

WordPress SEO

W3 Total Cache

SEO Friendly Images


Now before you do these things run


See what your results are then fix your site and run it again you’ll be amazed at the difference.

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