Sep 16

How to find cheap hotel rooms

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Booking a hotel is easy, but getting the best deal takes a bit more craft and guile. Before you phone reservations or tap in your credit card details online, check out our guide to finding the best deals.

Take the pain out of searching online by using a price comparison site. These can run quick searches across dozens of bookings sites, looking for lowest rates at either a particular hotel or across a destination. Confusingly, there are many competing comparison sites, but, and are all worth checking out.

Thousands of hotels advertise their last-minute deals at, making it a great place to find bargains in the two-week window before check-in. The prices are not guaranteed to be the lowest available, but the website is a great place to start your search as it shows which hotels are cutting their rates.

Travel agents have long enjoyed access to IT (inclusive tour) fares, which are released by airlines on the condition they are sold in a package with a hotel or car hire. The idea is to conceal the true fare from their regular passengers, but it effectively means you pay little or nothing for your hotel stay.

Book business hotels for weekend breaks. Hotels that concentrate on the business market typically slash their rates on Friday and Saturday, making them perfect for weekend city breaks. You tend to get well equipped rooms (think flat screen TV, free wifi, phone in the bathroom). The only snag is that you are sometimes a little distance from the tourist centre.

Look for soft openings. When hotels first open their doors to paying guests, things are often not quite right. Staff may fumble their lines, the reception might smell of fresh paint. But to compensate for these horrors, room rates are often cut, sometimes by as much as 50%.

Try haggling. Sometimes you can haggle down rates – usually at large hotels and only during quiet periods such as Sunday nights. Try phoning the hotel and asking for their best rate. Will they throw in breakfast or a free upgrade?

Go all-inclusive. Although the ticket price may look expensive, once you factor in the cost of all those meals and drinks, all inclusive holidays can work out to be great value.


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