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Holiday Destinations Parents and Kids will Love

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For parents who are going on a holiday, bringing the kids along can be quite a challenge, especially when it comes to choosing destinations and attractions that both adults and little ones will enjoy. The key here is to reach a compromise. Pick a place that is perfect for people of all ages, guaranteeing that all will have fun!

Rome, Italy

View from the Altare della Patria monument Rome

If you happen to have kids who are interested in history, take them to Rome. It is home to a number of ancient ruins and temples. They are not only visually interesting, but they are also steep in terms of history. The likes of the Colosseum and the Parthenon will be excellent for an informative holiday. Plus, it is also a city that is known for its food! From gelatos to pizzas, you will never go hungry in Rome.

Paros, Greece

While you will be spoiled for choices when it comes to Greek holidays, Paros is perhaps one of the best for families. Whether you are looking for a vibrant nightlife or a plethora of beach activities that kids will love, you will have endless options. There are activities such as kite surfing and wind surfing, among other watersports. Check out the Kallisti Villas in Paros, which the whole family will love.


Marine Iguana Espanola Island Galapagos

If kids prefer active holidays, this will surely be a great destination of choice. It is known for the diversity of its wildlife, including penguins and hump back whales, so going on a safari is a must. It is also rich in flora and fauna, making it a great way to discover the wonderful gifts of nature. There are also many activities that you can enjoy during your vacation, such as kayaking and even hiking in a volcano. Kids can swim with sea lions and adults can enjoy diving.


Although it has a reputation of being a romantic honeymoon destination, the Maldives is also a great for parents who are traveling with kids, especially for those who seek relaxation. This is the perfect luxury retreat for those craving for tropical paradise. This is no place for crowded hotels. Instead, each resort has its own island and you can live in overwater bungalows where you can jump straight into the clear water.

Dubai, UAE

TOBAGO View of Dubai from the Burj Khalifa

Dubai is another option that should be on your radar. It is home to some of the grandest hotels in the world, including the Burj Al Arab. It is also where you can find the biggest shopping mall and fountain, the Dubai Mall and Dubai Fountain. They also have manmade islands at Palm Jumeirah. There are charming towns and exciting theme parks that you can explore during your holiday, just don’t forget the factor 50!

Soller, Mallorca

From mountains to beaches, Soller is a hidden gem that is waiting to be explored. Among others, one of the best reasons to visit is to ride the vintage train, which was originally used for the transportation of oranges and olives. The medieval town is also sure to be a treat, especially for kids who are used to busy and chaotic cities. There are also plenty of beaches where you can enjoy the glorious heat of the sun.

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