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Handy Tips to Avoid Overspending When Travelling

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Travelling is the perfect time to relax and let your guard down. Getting away should be about new experiences and exciting adventures. Sadly, for many of us, travelling is also about keeping one eye on the purse strings to ensure that all those dinners out and beach bar entry fees don’t lead to significant overspending. Of course if you have to go far is important to keep your travel also comfortable and many things can affect that, from the time of the flight to the comfortable the plane is, the thing is, if you don’t fly comfortably and the travel is far, you’ll end up with probably neck and back ache and probably in a horrible mood that could last for days, and if your trip is only for a couple days? that would ruin the entire trip, so is important be ready for good traveling with the right equipment, if you don’t know what kind of equipment is that you could always visit thecomfytraveler.com and find out how is the best way to travel.

If you don’t like the idea of keeping a watchful eye on your wallet the whole time you are away, there are certain tips and tricks that you can use to avoid overspending. These range from traditional money preservation techniques to innovative ways to stay in credit while abroad.

A great place to start is online. Before you travel, find out the average costs of food and drink in the country you plan to visit. That way, you’ll know at a glance whether a restaurant or café offers good value or is a complete ripoff. Reports like the Post Office Holiday Costs Barometer are a great place to start for these kinds of investigations.

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Scan through travel guidebooks as well for information on how to eat cheaply while away. Many countries offer reduced price set menus that showcase local culinary traditions – opt for those and you’ll not only get an authentic taste of the country you’re visiting, but you’ll also have a better chance of staying within budget. And don’t worry about forgoing the local tipple in case it impacts negatively on your spending decisions – as we read in a poker game psychology article recently, a couple of beers can actually improve your cognitive functions. So if you can control your drinking, science says you can’t blame overspending on the wine you had with dinner!

Another tip is to take a pack of cards with you when you travel. Not only can they keep you and your fellow travellers entertained on long journeys by plane or train, but cards (along with travel board games) are also handy as a free activity should sudden tropical downpours meant that you have to do something indoors. They’re certainly a better option than heading to a shopping mall when it comes to avoiding overspending

Buying discounted activity tickets for theme parks and other attractions can be another big money saver while you’re away. Free local area maps that come complete with discount coupons are handy once you’ve arrived, while those who plan ahead can think through the attractions they want to visit and take advantage of multi-park offers. Walt Disney World Resort, for example, offers various package deals, where you pay for entry to one of the main parks and then receive discounted entry to a water park.

As a final trick, make sure you buy books, magazines, travel sweets and so forth before you hit the airport. You can make a ‘holiday treat pack’ for each of your fellow travellers, then surprise them at the airport. They’ll appreciate the gifts and won’t break your budget before you’ve even left by crazing for items from the over-priced airport shops.

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Ultimately, people travel in order to enjoy new experiences and spend quality time together. Keep this in mind and hunt out free experiences before you travel. A picnic lunch on the bank of a stunning natural waterfall, followed by a dip in the pool at the bottom, can be just as much fun as an activity that blows your entire holiday budget in a single day!

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