Jun 07

Great Budget Holiday Options

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Almost everyone looks forward to a break, a rest from daily routine. If you want a holiday but your budget is tight there are a surprising amount of options open to you that might appeal.

The obvious option is to choose camping with your own tent. There are some very affordable sites available if you don’t mind limited conveniences – increasingly farmers are letting out their fields and although there might not be showers or toilet blocks the location is often peaceful and off the beaten track. Or if this is too basic for you established campsites can be reasonable especially if you go slightly off season, although facilities at this time might be limited.

If sleeping in a tent isn’t appealing there’s the other option of hiring a small campervan. They are fairly basic but provide you with shelter and a bed, are easy to drive and reliable. Campsites almost always cater for these so you have the same choices as with a tent of where to stay. And you have of course the freedom of exploring anywhere you choose and keeping dry if it rains.

Many people don’t like the thought of camping of any sorts especially in UK weather. Another consideration is to rent a holiday home. This can be less expensive than you think if you book direct with the owner – and this applies abroad also – and you’ll often find good offers in shop windows or newspapers. The more of you who share, the less you each pay. There are also many very basic and unusual places to stay – independent hostels that aim to provide affordable accommodation. A Dorset shepherd’s hut for instance, or a Hebridean croft.

Or there are online house swapping agencies that offer you a break anywhere in the world with no extra cost of living in your own home apart from the travel. You’ll have the benefit of home comfort and the excitement of exploring unfamiliar places, and you can rest easy that your house is safe while you’re gone!

There are also many online offers for package deals or city breaks. These include cancellation holiday deals both in the UK and abroad and if you go out of peak season you’ll get the best deal of all. Some companies specialise entirely in these offers and are certainly worth looking at, especially last minute bargains.

So it’s reassuring to know there are several options that won’t cost you a fortune and even if you can’t manage the Maldives on this occasion remember a change is as good as a rest!

This is a Guest post from Keith Barrett, he writes about travel options and a range of other topics. He likes the flexibility that’s offered by Motorhome City and other providers of budget holidays.

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