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Free Attractions in Paris

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Paris or the ‘City of love’ as some people would rather call it, is a major European attraction that brings tourists all year round. No matter what the season is people are dying to get the Parisian flavor. Wasting any more time on questions about the luxurious lifestyle of Paris is not advisable; instead, following some useful tips can allow everyone to enjoy a huge amount of free attractions in Paris.

Arc de Triomphe

Image: Anirudh Koul via Flickr

Being the capital of fashion and champagne, Paris may seem inaccessible for travelers on a tight holiday budget. But behind the opulent statues lies a city that offers a variety of free attractions and activities, regardless of the season. Yes, one can easily spend quite a fortune on a Paris staying but it’s also true that any traveler can get away with spending very little and going back home with beautiful memories. Every person dying to see Paris should keep in mind these useful tips while looking for free attractions in Paris.

Parisian View

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Explore the Parisian Neighborhoods

Paris is the perfect place for romantic promenades or for exploring cultural sights. Most neighborhoods are built for pedestrians and Paris city lights are fascinating to watch. A walk in Paris has a special feeling. Best way to discover Paris is to wander the Parisian streets. For emergency cases, a tourist should also invest in a Paris city map and a French conversation guide.

Free Museums

Culture has a deep meaning in France. Because Parisians pay much attention to their cultural patrimony, the French government invests large amounts of money in making Paris a very accessible place in terms of art, science and historical sights. Many Paris museums don’t require an entrance fee . The Louvre and Muse?e D’Orsay are free for the public every first Sunday of each month. These tips are good for everyone looking to enjoy some major free attractions in Paris.

Tour Eiffel

Image: Moyan_Brenn via Flickr

Free annual events

Paris is the host of many free annual events which take place mostly in spring and summer. These budget –friendly venues are highly inspirational and bring fun memories to all the visitors of Paris. Every traveler can find something that suits his taste : from art festivals like all-night public light installations to artificial beaches put on the Seine River each summer , Paris simply has it all.

Cathedrals and churches

While visiting Paris, it’s a shame to miss the beautiful churches this city has to offer, especially with the recent natural stone restoration campaign. That has Paris houses some of the most stunning historical spots- cathedrals and churches that stand today as breathtaking testimonials to a complex Christian background. Plus, many of them can be seen for free.

Parks and gardens

If anything can be said about Paris is that the beauty of its elegant and distinctive gardens and parks is simply unique. This old fashion amusement park – the Jardin d’Acclimation, will make everybody feel like a kid again. Oher activities one can do here is enjoying a lovely picnic or a peaceful walk. Any of these will bring joy to any traveler who wants to discover the best free attractions in Paris.

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