Jun 25

Experiencing Ghana

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I love to travel. Whenever I have the opportunity to travel and to experience different cultures and places, I have to take it. A few years ago, a close friend of mine invited me to travel with him to the country of Ghana, which is in West Africa. Traveling to Ghana became one of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had.

The City of Accra

My friend had family living in the outskirts of Accra, which is one of the largest cities in all of Africa with a population of almost three million. Accra is not the usual tourist spot. It’s a real urban metropolis packed with people and traffic, not unlike the bustling cities of Tokyo and New York. Anyone looking to avoid bumper-to-bumper traffic should avoid visiting the city. Those who do not mind city life will find plenty of interesting things to do. The food and culture is very different than western civilizations. Wandering through the markets and smelling food that I have never smelled before was extremely exciting. I especially enjoyed visiting the memorial park dedicated to the first president of Ghana. There I learned how Ghana obtained its freedom and how it became a democracy, something the Ghanaian people are extremely proud of.

The Cape Coast

The Cape Coast is located on the coast, west of Accra. Life is much more relaxing and slow paced in the Cape Coast. Here you can visit the beaches, which are much more clean than those in Accra, and eat some delicious local seafood. Anyone who visits the Cape Coast absolutely has to visit the forts. There are two main forts that acted as two of the very first slave trade ports in Africa. The one I visited was named Elmina Castle. I took a tour there that not only informed me about the history of the slave trade and how it worked, but also showed me what the conditions of living there were like. Walking through the fort’s dungeons was a particularly sobering experience. Although visiting Elmina Castle was a soul shaking experience, it was one that I am glad to have. Even with such a terrible history, the Ghanaian people have an extremely positive and loving outlook on life that makes Ghana easy to enjoy.

I love the culture, the food and the people of Ghana. Anyone with a passion for traveling and experiencing different cultures should visit the country of Ghana. And of course take lots of pictures and videos to share them later with your loved once. To make sure you do not lose any of those precious memories you can use and online backup service that will always keep your files safe.

This author loves to travel and share his experiences with family and friends.

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