Jul 30

China: A Remarkable Travel Destination

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China, with its unassailable history, rich culture and wealth of attractions, is the ideal place for a luxury holiday. Every part of this fascinating country offers something spectacular and unforgettable to see. Holidaymakers are sure to find plenty to see and do in this remarkable nation. Here are the top five destinations and attractions for a luxury holiday tour of China.

Great Wall of China

The iconic Great Wall of China is the country’s most famed and celebrated landmark. A marvel of Chinese engineering for more than two millennia, the Great Wall of China is China’s top must-see attraction. Built over a span of more than 18 centuries, visiting the Great Wall of China is like a living history lesson in Chinese history. The wall stretches for more than 8,000 kilometers across the northern boundary of China and affords impressive views of the surrounding countryside. Holidaymakers can access to the Great Wall of China from Beijing and a number of smaller cities across northern China. For all visitors to this historic country, paying a visit to the iconic wall is a must.


China’s largest city and primary commercial center is another top destination for holidaymakers. The juxtaposition of the city’s modern skyline with its ancient landmarks nearby creates a unique and memorable spectacle for visitors that can’t truly be found anywhere else. Top attractions and sites of interest in this vibrant city include the brilliant Yuyuan Gardens and the fascinating Shanghai Museum, home to some of China’s top historical and cultural artifact collections. Be sure to also see the stunning colonial architecture of the Bund and the gleaming skyscrapers of the Pudong district. The Jing’an Temple and the ancient landmarks of Old City are also worth a visit.


The historic capital of China boasts some of the world’s greatest museums, galleries and cultural attractions. Here, visitors on a luxury holiday can see the iconic Forbidden City as well as world-class museums and cultural institutions like the National Museum and the Capital Museum. Holidaymakers should also keep in mind the expansive Tiananmen Square as well as Beijing’s beautiful parks and gardens like Zhongshan Park, Beihai Park and the Beijing Zoo.


This province, located in southern China, is a place like none other on Earth. Known for its exotic karst scenery and mist-shrouded mountains, Guangxi is simply a must-see destination for all luxury holidaymakers. Be sure to see the beautiful Longtan National Forest Park as well as historic cities and towns such as Guilin, Yangshuo and Longsheng.


This city hosts the marvelous Three Gorges Dam as well as the Three Gorges Cave and Park, renowned for its spectacular views. A cruise along the famed Yangtze River is a great way to take in the region’s natural beauty and brilliant views.

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