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Bucharest on a Shoestring

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How to Explore Bucharest on a Budget

One of the most attractive travel spots in Eastern Europe is without any doubts the lovely city of Bucharest. Planning a Bucharest on a budget getaway will make every tourist enjoy a wonderful holiday experience at a low cost expense.

Downtown Bucharest

Image: Dracula&stuff via Flickr

Travelling to Bucharest is a one in a lifetime event. This is the place that has everything. From cultural sites and a variety of shopping outlets and designer boutiques to rich and entertaining nightlife, Bucharest simply has it all. It’s a must see place on every traveler’s holiday list.

‘Bucharest on a budget’ useful tips

First thing first, Bucharest is not an expensive destination unless tourists are terribly informed and willing to waste a huge amount of money on things that can be found for less. People are very friendly around here but also mischievous. Avoid falling for their hospitality and confusing their mercantile abilities for kindness. Following some simple rules will transform every holiday into a dream journey.

Bucharest City Centre

Image: mariosp via Flickr

When looking for accommodation locations keep in mind that you can find very good hotels with great service that don’t charge very much. The price varies based on the neighborhood and bordered sights. However, you could easily find a lovely accommodation near the city centre.

Also, Romanian cuisine is simply delicious. Due to the fact that throughout the years Bucharest has been invaded by a mix of cultures tourists will find a large display of restaurants serving international food. Spending money on sophisticated menus is not a great choice; best thing to do is to opt for traditional Romanian food and delicious local made beer served all year round in the Historical Centre of the Bucharest city.

Shopping temptations may be found everywhere in Bucharest and true bargain hunters can shop for discount and sales places. Fashion is a must among Bucharest people , so for a style inspiration Bucharest gives the possibility for top quality clothing and accessories without emptying one’s pockets. This is quite a big plus if you are visiting Bucharest on a budget.

Main Square Bucharest on a budget

Image: mariosp via Flickr

A holiday to Bucharest can’t be complete without enjoying the night life that this city has to offer. Internationally known clubs, famous DJs and sinfull cocktails are welcoming tourists from around the world. Not to mention the fact that alcohol here is really inexpensive. Tourists should get ready to be swept away while spending quality time on a Bucharest on a budget escapade.

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