Jul 13

How to Book Singapore Suites First Class Flights Using KrisFlyer Miles

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Stop anyone who knows anything about first class flying and ask them what airline offers the best experience and chances are that you’ll hear one name in particular: Singapore Airlines.

Their first class experience is unlike just about any other in the air right now, no matter what criteria you use to judge it by. Their customer service, food, decor, and space are all immaculate, with customers paying nearly $10,000 per ticket (one way) just to get a little slice of luxury.

If sipping Dom Perignon in complimentary designer pajamas while lounging on a bed in the sky sounds like a good idea to you, it’s about to get a whole lot better when I tell you the best part: You can fly first class with Singapore Air for free.

No, that isn’t a typo. You can get this once in a lifetime flying experience without ever spending a dime out of pocket.

I know that it probably sounds too good to be true — I was one of those people who believed that it was too until it happened to me.

It all starts with KrisFlyer, which is Singapore Air’s frequent flyer program. Once you’re logged in, you are going to want to enter the flight information you wish to seek. Just make sure the “Redeem flights” tab is checked, as this will filter your results to only flights that can be redeemed with points.


From here, you will be met with a plethora of flight results. It is up to you to choose the flight you wish to take, click the “Available” bubble, and move forward with choosing your seat.


Then you get to do all of the fun stuff, like choosing your meal and even reserving a specific five-star chef if you so wish! This is your trip of a lifetime, after all, so you may as well go all out.

Before you go booking your own flight, here’s where Singapore Suites flies:

NYC to Frankfurt
NYC to Frankfurt to Singapore
Los Angeles to Seoul
San Francisco to Hong Kong

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