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Exploring the Best Water Parks in Thailand

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Thailand is well known for its tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples. Some of the most unique attractions in Thailand are scatttered throughout the country. It is therefore the primary travel destination for many tourists and offers a host of places to visit. Thailand is the place for water parks that feature water play areas, this includes: splash pads, lazy rivers, spray-grounds and water slides it features swimming, recreational and bare-footing environments. With its geographical position, water parks in Thailand remain to the most attractive and natural as they have kept their tradition over the years. Bearing in mind the number of visitors coming each day water parks in Thailand remains to be the best in Asia. Compared to others, most water parks in Thailand are located in or near natural sources of water, with this, you are guaranteed that the water has not been contaminated with harmful chemicals.

Water park Pattaya Thailand best water parks in Thailand
Water Parks are an ideal recreational place for both adults and children. To enjoy its serenity visit any water park in Thailand, this is the country to be for holidays and adventure yourself or with your family. Visiting any water parks in Thailand is highly recommended for anyone willing to get the best enjoyment in a water park of amusement park. I wish to explore with you some of the best water and amusement parks in Thailand from which you can choose your favourite.
Here is a list of the best water slides, water-based amusement theme parks, and best water parks in Thailand:
It’s no coincidence that one of the best water parks in Thailand is also one of the newest. Cartoon Network Amazone Pattaya is simply amazing; it has been built to create a realm of cartoon network for families. It is Thailand’s number one water park that is designed to suit everyone in family for fun and relaxation. Moreover, it is the world’s largest water amusement park with over 150 diverse play things that brings children’s most favourite cartoon character to life.

Vana Nava Hua Hin it is Asia’s first water jungle, it is the newest tourist destination that creates memorable moments. It is located in a tropical rain forest in and built in more than 8 acres, his brings with it happiness and excitement. It is thus a perfect water jungle that has the highest waterfall in Asia, additionally, it has 19 international playthings. Wireless network is available hence you can share every moments of fun.
Santorini Water has been ranked as the first digital water parks in Thailand and Asia at large. This makes it the very modern water park with a collection of entertaining inspirations that come with happiness and more fun for everybody. The water park has the highest safety standard internationally since it provides Life Guard seminars to its staff so as to build confidence in safety in their service. It is large with many sliders within different models to accommodate those who like challenging and also extreme activities.

Pattaya Park waterpark Thailand
Pattaya Park is both a Water Park and Fun Park; this makes it a perfect place for relaxation as well as family vacation. At the water park you will have fun in a large pool and a whirlpool and play with huge water slides, both tunnel and straight down. There is a small pool for kids hence guaranteeing fun and safety for everybody in the family. There are many rides to enjoy, this includes thrill rides, the first tower for sky jump in Thailand, the Vikings and the Roller Coaster, there also soft rides for kids. In pattaya Park Tower you can look the scenic view of Pattaya and the charming east Coast of Thailand.

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