Mar 30

Atithi Devo Bhava – Why Tourists Are Welcome In India

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“Atithi Devo Bhava” is Sanskrit for “The Guest is God”, and comes from the ancient Hindu scripture which was the basis of the Hindu society “code of conduct”. It is now also the tag line of the Indian Government for its “Incredible India” campaign of improving the treatment to tourists coming to this land of fascinatingly diverse cultures from across the world. Welcoming a guest with utmost respect is ingrained in the Indian psyche from ancient time, and this is the reason why international tourists are welcome in India.

Relaxing travel rules
The earlier restriction of a two-month cooling off period between subsequent visits imposed by the Indian Government has now been lifted, by relaxing the tourist visa rules. This makes it easier for you to visit India again should you desire, even though you have been there less than two months earlier.
Improving infrastructure
For enabling international tourists to move smoothly around the country and stay in suitable accommodation for experiencing a hassle free holiday, the Indian Government is continuously improving the respective infrastructure, which includes four-laning of roads connecting famous tourist attractions, encouraging home-stay accommodation and increasing heritage hotels.
Increasing travel options
With a sharp increase in air travel options like more connecting flights and more seats and better quality trains for offering convenient accessibility to popular tourist destinations, you are assured of a better travel experience.
Upgrading hygiene level
A country that lacks basic hygiene across prominent places of tourist interest will experience a gradual decline in tourist arrivals. For addressing this critical issue, both the central and state governments are doing their utmost in raising the hygiene quotient.
Tackling tourist harassment
If you are intermittently harassed while trying to enjoy the magnificence of a tourist attraction, chances are you will not return to that country. That is why the Indian tourist department has launched a massive drive to minimise incidents of tourist harassment by unscrupulous individuals across the tourism chain.
Increasing trained manpower
Trained professionals across the entire spectrum of the hospitality chain will add substantial value to an international tourist’s experience, and the authorities have taken firm steps in this direction by increasing the tourism specific professional education and training opportunities.
Separate Tourism Police
Some cities have already designated a dedicated force of former army personnel for addressing the problems faced by international tourists in India. This is comforting for the international traveller who feels there are “surprises at every turn in India”.
For ensuring that India becomes a serious contender for attracting international tourists year on year, multiple arms of the state and central governments have joined hands to offer you an improved and rewarding travel experience.

Sajeed Nandolia is a blogger and works for Essen Travels, the rent a car company that offer car hire in Mumbai, India and Goa. You can interact with Essen Travels on twitter @essentravels

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