Aug 21

A Guide to Wild Camping in Scotland

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Scotland is home to some of the most beautiful, secluded and haunting landscapes in the world. Millions of tourists visit Scotland every year, with many of them choosing to leave the hustle and bustle of the main cities and head off to the countryside and idyllic terrain of the Highlands and surrounding areas.

Wild camping has become an incredibly popular way to experience Scotland in all its glory. Whereas camping sites have the relative luxury of showers, toilets and running water, wild camping is a complete return to nature by being completely alone without fellow travellers in some of the most stunning and wild places in the world. There no comparing the feeling of finally having to use that multi tool Swiss knife, for real! Not to open a bottle of wine somewhere in town.

Loch Side Camping

The luxury of having the opportunity to camp at the side of one of Scotland’s many gorgeous lakes or in a field watching the sun set at night comes with responsibilities. It is extremely important that all wild campers leave their sites the way they left it, and that means you must be careful to tidy after yourself – including disposing of litter and human waste – so that other people can experience the same and that the landscapes and wildlife will not be affected by your visit.

With so many beautiful places to visit and set up camp, it’s a good idea to keep moving, therefore experiencing something different every night. There is always the chance that you might come across other campers, so moving on will lower the chance of overcrowding.

Camp Fires

When you choose your next spot, make sure that if you’re going to use a stove or make a camp fire that you don’t leave any trace and make sure everything is put extinguished, and never cut down or damage trees for firewood under any circumstances. It could have a catastrophic effect to the landscape and the wildlife that call the land their home.

The main thing you want to do is enjoy yourself, so keep a close eye out for wonderful spots and carry the right tools so that you can make the most of the scenery. A great camera and a pair of binoculars are essential items, for every direction you will turn, you will see something that will take your breath away. In terms of getting lost or making the most of your stay, always ask for the best places to check out. Landowners are full of helpful advice that will help you find the best camping spots in Scotland.

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