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A Guide to Kayaking in Brazil

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A Guide to Kayaking Holidays in Brazil

The large South American country of Brazil is an exciting destination for travellers from across the globe. The diversity of the nation is what makes it such an incredible place to visit whether you are interested in the bustling cities or the deserted beaches. Many visitors flock to Rio de Janeiro each spring in order to partake in the Carnaval celebration. Even if you miss the event itself, you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy vibrant culture and a thrilling nightlife. Although many visitors are primarily interested in the cities or beach resorts, Brazil also offers some incredible opportunities for kayaking. Whether in the sea or in a river, kayaking is a popular pastime in the nation. Read on for more information about kayaking holidays in Brazil.


Kayaking at Florianapolis in Brazil.

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Saco de Mamangua

This tropical fjord is the perfect place to begin a kayaking holiday in Brazil. Most package tours exploring this area start at the beautiful coastal town of Paraty. This 17th century town is a popular destination for Eco-friendly tourism. It boasts beautiful architecture, charming cobblestone streets and proximity to the forests and fjords of interior Brazil. Whether you head to the beaches of Paraty or to Saco de Mamangua itself, you will find dozens of kayak rental locations. As the area is part of the UNESCO designated site of Costa Verde, some prices for extended tours can easily cost upwards of 3,000 dollars for a week- long tour. If you are on a budget, day long kayak rentals on the beach and the fjord itself can be as little as 15 Brazilians Reals per day. Accommodation in Paraty is abundant and includes beachfront hostels or Brazilian villas along the canal.

A view of Saco de Mamangua, Brazil.

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Urubu River

If you are willing to sacrifice comfort in order to truly get in touch with nature, then a kayaking holiday along the Urubu River might be the perfect choice for you. The Urubu is a tributary of the Amazon River and is full of diverse wildlife. Although it is nearly 300 miles in length, the Urubu River takes just one week to cover by kayak at a leisurely pace. Visitors can expect to begin kayaking in the early morning each day, resting during the hottest time of noon and enjoying a delicious prepared lunch. Afternoons are spent swimming or touring waterfalls before completing the distance by kayak in the early evening. One day is typically set aside for rest so that guests are ready to try night kayaking. This opportunity allows kayakers to view the nocturnal rainforest life like crocodiles. The entire journey can be found through some operators for as little as 1,500 dollars per person. Keep in mind that accommodation on the journey is limited to camping.

Juatinage Peninsular Eco-Reserve

This preserved coastal area in Costa Verde is the right place for kayaking enthusiasts who want to explore Brazil’s coastline by boat. It is possible to kayak from island to island off the coast of the Juatinage Peninsular Eco-Reserve, stopping wherever it might look enjoyable. This is a fun alternative to the abundance of river kayaking found in Brazil. Kayakers can stop and enjoy the scenery on the islands, try snorkelling or just relax on the sandy shores before setting off for their next destination. Accommodations on the mainland include hotels and guesthouses while there are also some villa rental opportunities on the more secluded islands.

Whether you want to kayak for a day on the beaches of Paraty, try a week long kayaking adventure along the Urubu River or visit secluded islands in Costa Verde near the Juatinage Peninsular Eco-Reserve, Brazil is the perfect place to enjoy kayaking holidays.


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