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8 Not-To-Miss Chicago Restaurants

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8 Not-To-Miss Chicago Restaurants

Chicago, Illinois is a wonderful city that is full of fun things to do and see. From the beauty of the lakefront to its exciting clubs and shops, Chicago is a city that is known for its variety of cultural experiences and it’s breathtaking scenery. If you will be visiting this grand city and you want to enjoy fine dining in one of the best restaurants in Chicago, here is a list of the not-to-miss dining establishments in the Windy City:

1. Alinea.

Located at 1723 N. Halsted St, continues to make many best of lists within the culinary world. Alinea’s dinner consists of an 18 course meal that is pleasing to the eyes, and pleasing to the taste buds.

2. Charlie Trotter’s.

Charlie Trotter’s restaurant offers a tasty selection of foods that include only the highest quality ingredients. Charlie Trotter’s is also known for their fine selection of wines that are sure to compliment all of their delicious dishes.

3. Everest.

Located on La Salle St near the Chicago Stock Exchange, Everest offers an extensive selection of mouthwatering of French entrees and deserts. It is also located on the 40th floor and allows for ample opportunities to take in the beauty of the Chicago skyline.

4. L20.

If seafood is what you love, there is no Chicago restaurant that comes close to the L20. L20 offers a stunning selection of delectable seafood that is certain to please you palate in the most delightful way.

5. Spiaggia.

Although this restaurant is one of the pricier establishments on this list, it is well worth the money if you want to eat the best tasting Italian food in all of Chicago. Spiaggia is oozing with class and is considered to be one of the fanciest restaurants in Chicago.

6. Topolobampo.

If it is fine Mexican cuisine your are looking for in Chicago, look no further than Topolobampo. Topolobampo is considered to be one of the finest Mexican restaurants in all of the U.S., so be sure to make a reservation ahead of time for this fine dining establishment tends to always be packed.

7. Tru.

Tru is a restaurant that specializes in serving up a tasty selection of of progressive French cuisine that is certain to make your taste buds smile. The indulgent food served at Tru will provide you with a taste sensation that is certain to make your mouth water.

8. Zealous.

Zealous is a Chicago restaurant that offers a selection of contemporary cuisine and a wine list of over 5,000 different wines. If you are a person who wants delicious food paired with the perfect wine, you may want to try dining at Zealous.

There you have it—the list of the 8 not-to-miss restaurants in Chicago. If you want to enjoy the best food in all of Chicago, dining at any of the above listed restaurants is a must. Chicago is a beautiful city full of so many fun things to do and see and after a busy day of exploring this wonderful city, satisfying your appetite with any of these restaurants will be sure to give you a dining experience like no other.

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