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7 Attractions in Montreal That Cost Next to Nothing!

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When you are visiting Montreal in Canada and looking for something inexpensive to do, there are a number of activities available that are free or cost next to nothing. The city is filled with exciting things to do that are easy on your budget. Here are just seven of the many attractions that you can see for free or very cheaply.

1.) Old Town Montreal Walking Tour
If you enjoy exploring old parts of towns or looking at the unique architecture, you will love taking the Old Town Montreal Walking Tour. Old Town Montreal is filled with amazing scenery and historic buildings like the Royal Bank and the Notre-Dame Basilica. Best known for its Gothic Revival Architecture, the Notre-Dame Basilica was constructed over several years with the completion of the main structure in 1829. For more about the Old Town Walking Tour, go to: (

2.) Montreal’s Underground City
If you love to explore little known places, check out Montreal’s Underground City. Montreal boasts the largest underground city in the world with complete underground malls, restaurants, entertainment venues and more. Begun in 1966, the Underground City is a network of everything you would see in a city that is above ground. This is something you have to see to believe. For more details, go to: (

3.) Summit Park Montreal
If you enjoy exploring the natural beauty of the outdoors, then check out Summit Park in Montreal. Located on top of Westmount in Montreal, the park features a bird sanctuary as well as wildlife that encompasses 57 acres of the park. If you are a birdwatcher, this is the place for you to explore. The park has a number of hiking trails and lookout points that offer amazing photography opportunities as well as breathtaking views of the city below, for this you can use one of the best 360 camera that take great panoramic pictures of the city and the park.  For more about Summit Park Montreal, go to: (

4.) Jean Talon Market
When you want to visit a place where the locals hang out, check out the Jean Talon Public Market in Montreal. The public market is where the citizens of the city do their shopping and you can also get some of the best deals in town here while meeting new friends. The Jean Talon Market offers local farmers the opportunity to sell their produce by providing spots for vendors in the market. The Jean Talon Market has been operating for more than 75 years and is one of the city’s cherished locations. The market always has fresh produce as well as natural food items, a butcher and delicatessen, bakery and much more. For more about the market, go to: (

5.) Montreal City Hall Tour
If you enjoy politics and want to see how the city of Montreal operates, then check out the Montreal City Hall Tour. Not only will you get to see where the business of the city takes place, but you will also see one of the most majestic buildings in the city. The Montreal City Hall was built in 1878 and was constructed in the style of Napolean III, better known as the French Second Empire style. Tours are given in both French and English to accommodate the variety of visitors to the area. For more details, go to: (

6.) Museum of Contemporary Art
If you enjoy contemporary art, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Montreal offers free admission during certain days and times of the week. The Museum of Contemporary Art features more than 7,000 works by local and international artists as well as avant-garde performances and a sculpture garden. The museum includes eight separate galleries that were constructed in 1939 and features the works of artists like Génévieve Cadieux and Jean-Paul Riopelle, both legendary artists from Quebec. For more details, go to: (

7.) Montreal Botanical Gardens
If you love strolling through gardens and landscapes, check out the Montreal Botanical Gardens. With more than 185 acres of garden designs, you will love to spend time exploring these amazing grounds. The Botanical Gardens include everything from Chinese and Japanese Gardens to a Rose Garden, Shade Garden and an arboretum as well as ten indoor greenhouses for you to enjoy. The Botanical Gardens include more than 22,000 different plant species and is one of the largest museums that features floral exhibits and displays. The Botanical Gardens are open year-round and a small admission fee is charged. For more information, go to: (

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